Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walk With Me

Tecolote Park Trails

Taper time! The Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon is next Sunday!

I think this is the first time I am taking a taper week as a no run week.  After two ridiculously busy weeks back at work, my body is just saying "no."

I am listening.

In addition to my body just saying "no," I am dealing with some allergies that I haven't had to deal with in YEARS.   This time I can't pin-point the triggers, but I've looked as if I've aged 10 years over the past two weeks due to the itchy eyes, dry skin around my eyes, and darker than normal allergic shiners (under my eyes.)  There is no concealer or cream that will camouflage any of this allergic reaction.  I have two theories to my allergy dillema.  The office where I work is right next door to a lumber retailer, and they create plenty of dust, OR it's the scented oil diffuser bottles my boss has put in the office since I was last working there full time.  I'm guessing it's the scented oils causing the issues.  I'm going to ask my boss take those out for a week to see if it makes a difference in how I feel/react.  My boss did give me a sample Rx for a newer allergy eye drop, which does offer relief, but it's just a temporary fix.

Did those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving have a good one?  I'm certainly thankful for all of my blogging friends.  Running and reading would not be the same without you all. 

Thanksgiving was quiet this year.  Hubs and I opted to sleep in instead of run in a 5k Turkey Trot.  We both needed the rest.  Most of our relatives were in other states and cities this year.  There were only about nine of us at my sister in law's house  for Thanksgiving dinner, compared to the 20+ people we're used to.  I did host a day after Thanksgiving dinner for my side of the family, but that was easy, since I swore NOT to use leftovers.

This year Evan wanted to help.  I showed him how to use an apple peeler, how to use the food processor, how to measure ingredients, how to roll out a pie crust, and how to saute' mushroom.  These new cooking skills beat out watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Evan is demonstrating his mad rolling pin skilz.

A future chef?

I also stayed away from the Black Friday sales. I did partake in some internet shopping, but there was no way I was going to set foot in any mall or store, even for groceries. I'm all for a good deal, and kudos to those of you who camped out to get a good spot in line for a good deal on that wide screen TV or computer. Working in retail many years ago sort of ruined the thrill of shopping for me. I did work all of those crazy retail hours and had to deal with the aftermath when it was all over.

Hubs and I did get in a couple of walks:


For both walks we tackled Illion St, which is what I refer to as "The Hill." This street has a 16%  grade, and I would equate it to doing stairs, just because you need to use your legs as if you're ascending/descending stairs. I've mentioned this street before because we've seen Marines train by running up and it over and over again.  The only thing worse just as good is the steep hill that goes through Torrey Pines State Park towards USCD.   Since I have the La Jolla half marathon in my future, and the route goes through Torrey Pines State Park, I will be utilizing "The Hill" as much as possible over the next five months. I hope shin splints will no longer be an issue...


Finally, this:

Evan - Watching TV with Transformers.

Monday's Song:
D'yer Mak'er- Led Zeppelin - Running With The Black Knight


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Anne said...

Believe it or not, grocery stores are usually slow the day after Thanksgiving. I guess that one's obvious as to why. And knowing the hill of which you speak, I am duly impressed with current efforts and future plans to tackle it. Watch those ankles.

Jill said...

Evan is just adorable - I bet you have a blast with him and spoil him rotten :).

That hill is INSANE! I think I need to come out and you and I need to be doing hill repeats on that puppy, wow - the glute muscles we'd have.

As a chronic year-round allergy suffer, I so feel your pain and hope there's a solution to yours soon!

Woohoo, I can't believe taper time for Vegas is finally here!!

Oh and can you email me your mailing address for the exchange? I know I have it somewhere buried in my mess of emails, but I'm too lazy to hunt for it :). Thanks, sweetie!!! have a great day!!!

Nitmos said...

I have a photo like that of me sitting on the couch watching TV. Except there aren't any Transformers but 8 empty bottles of beer lined up next to me. Oh, and I'm "sleeping".

Joyce said...

Have fun in Vegas - you're going to do well. :) I'm also enjoying my taper before my marathon on Sunday, and really need the rest, too.

Speaking of listening to the body, have you read Matt Fitzgerald's "Run" yet? Great stuff. It totally confirmed my beliefs about relying on your body's signals during training, but also pushing your limits when you feel up to it.

Chris K said...

Cute pics. I hope your allergies clear up for sure. Las Vegas, eh? Bring warm clothes. You will really like LJ half....not a PR course, but gotta love drinking beer at The Cove when it's done.

Andrew Opala said...

That kind of cooking warms the heart as much as fills the belly!

Nice hills - we apparently don't have any in Canada (according to Jill)!

Black Knight said...

I like to read your blog because I learn many things: for example in Italy we don't have the Thanksgiving Day and the Black Friday (only the Black Knight as you well know).
Good luck on your half marathon.
Please say "Hi" for me to Evan, the future chef.