Monday, June 28, 2010

That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On

...moving on from injury and illness.

This week I'm starting over. For the past 6 months I feel as if I've gone from illness to injury over and over again. I need a fresh start without acting like I'm making up for lost time. I need to approach running and the whole fitness thing as if it's new. I feel like I get started again then I get sick, or injured, or both. I don't know the body I have right now and how it will react to what ever I'm doing. I started swimming two weeks ago then I got sick, which wiped me out last week. All I want is to be healthy. Last year was so promising and I was beginning to make progress again. This year is half way through and I feel as if it's been full of setbacks. It's time for some good karma and maybe a more conservative approach to my training. I don't think the  "full speed ahead" approach is working for me. I know I can't dwell over how the past 6 months have been,  PRs in sight (again) only to vanish between illness and injury.


  • I will rebuild.
  • I will meet my goals.
  • I will see some PRs. 
  • I will persevere.

Unfinished business / randomness...

About a month ago The Black Knight had a random drawing for a Race for the Cure t-shirt from Italy.  Lo and behold, I won!



This T shirt is incredibly soft and I've been wearing it as a night shirt. I kept meaning to get a photo* of it ever since it arrived. Grazie molto, Cavaliere Nero!!

We received my daughter's graduation photos, finally!

Renee Alexandra Morton - June 3, 2010 - Associates of Arts - Dance, Certificates in Dance and Education **

Our senior citizen kitty, Cruiser, has to be about 18 years old, which makes him something like a hundred years old by cat standards.  He's slow.  He can't jump fences or stalk birds outside, but his head is all there, still seeks attention, and can meow louder than any other cat I've known.  He's a little scruffy looking due to his advanced age, but I captured a photo this morning that makes him look like the kitten he once was:

"Meeeeeoooooow! " translates to "Let me in!"

In World Cup Soccer today, Brazil shut out Chile, 3 to 0. Since the USA is out, I'm now completely behind Brazil, but I am out-numbered since 4 of the 5 people living in my house are part Brazilian.  Do I have a choice?  Yes, I suppose I could be a rebel and root for Germany or Spain since I have descendants from both of those countries, but it wouldn't be pretty. I'll root for Brazil and keep the peace.

Photo - /Associated Press

Thursday's Song:
That's Not Me - The Beach Boys


*Photo credit to my almost 7 year old grandson, Evan.
** How often do you use your kid's full name?


Aka Alice said...

I completely support your goals! 100%

I have nobody to root for in World Cup since Italia, Mexico, and the US all lost, so I think I'll go back to my regular football/soccer stance and just ignore it all :-)

Jo Lynn said...

You go, girl!

I have a senior citizen black cat too. She turned 18 in April. I think she'll be alive for a while. Bless them. ;)

Anne said...

Rock on woman!! :)

Anne said...

May this be the reset that finally sticks! And I have no idea about the song artist but the title is quite intriguing.

Lisa said...

Great goals. I'm going to need to start over too...but I'm not quite there yet.

p.s. my watermelon plants started growing like crazy, but no blooms. My cucumber plants are still midgets but have blossoms. What's up with that?!?

Jill said...

Hey girl, I love your new outlook and plan to get back in this game. I have had one setback after another after anohter since Feb 5th when I got so sick and my attitide it so always kill myself to make up for lost time, which is ridiculous, cuz then I just take more steps backwards. Just remember that beautiful bracelet and you WILL get through all this. Here's to a new day...and a new plan - yay!!

Love the picture of your daughter, she's so beautiful. Love kitty's pic, too.

Fair Weather Runner said...

hang in there, you know i've encountered the same crap. injury, sickness, you name it... all happened right when i was feeling good or getting strong. i've had to totally re-tool how i train. i've been doing lots of x-training, and that seems to help. i'm also offering myself a LOT of grace... it helps.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Here is to starting anew!

Anonymous said...

I use my son's full name all the time and it's quite a mouthful since he's a Junior. It just flows though. My sister is having difficulty thinking of a name for her 3rd because she wants the whole thing to flow too.

Love the official picture of Renee ... much better than that weird guy. LOL.

Great goals and I have no doubt that you'll meet every single one of them. Here's to a great restart.

Charisa said...

Love the cat :)

Good luck with the rebuilding and hope you have many injury free runs soon!

Kenley said...

Irene, New to your blog here. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a comment. I will have to come back here to see what the whole story is. I wish you the best in having no injuries and sickness for the rest of the year. Looking forward to your future posts here. Take care, and cool cat too. Cheers.

Black Knight said...

Thank you for the mention, I am glad you liked the t-shirt. What is soccer? Is it that "sport" with a ball that makes strange rebounds? I prefer rugby with the oval. Ciao from Italy.

Glenn Jones said...

If patience is a virtue, then you're a saint! Looking forward to seeing you back on the roads and trails of San Diego!

Soccer? World Cup? Yawn....

Pink Granite said...

Here's to good health and steady progress!
- Lee

Rad Runner said...

Sending you super powers of injury free runs!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Love this!! Having had to do a post similar to this too, I completely understand. You will persevere, and you will move forward, and hit your goals! If I could, you certainly will!! :) By the way, love the new banner, and blog look!

Deene said...

best wishes on the reset!!
i like your kitty pic.