Thursday, June 10, 2010

100 Years

I celebrated another birthday yesterday.  The whole getting older thing doesn't bother me in the least.  I embrace each year of life, as I see life as a gift.  As I get older I actually find myself more comfortable in my own skin.  As comfortable as I am with aging,  I have a friend who is constantly hung up on age.  I love her to death, but every year since we were about 16 she has given me birthday cards, which I appreciate, but she always has to comment about age.  Always. When we were younger it was all about her being a whole whopping 11 & 1/2  months older than me, and she constantly threw that in my face.  I just didn't understand it.  She made a big deal about turning 16 and getting her drivers license before me, turning 21 and being a legal adult before me, and so on.  The comments were always snarky and a bit on the degrading side.  Around the time we reached our 30s it all changed.  Every year she never fails to remind me how old I am, writes that number in the card, makes another comment about how OLD we are getting, and "Oh my, we're sooooo old."   Every year.  I never think much about age unless it's age group placing in running, when I'm at the doctor, and when she reminds me.  To tell you the truth it all has to do with how I feel.  Some days I feel like I'm 12, other days I feel like I'm 100.  I think it's wonderful that my friend  remembers my birthday and takes the time to send me a card every year.  Not many people send cards any more.  Even more impressive is that we've been friends for 36 years, but who's counting?**

Yesterday morning I  had a session at RU.  Bryan was impressed that I actually ran the entire half marathon, considering my lack of mileage prior and that I'm still recovering from injury.   After a really good and hard workout session (a lot of pylo, running, lunge/squat matrix, etc.) we sat down and discussed my goals for the rest of the year.  I was thinking about running 3 half marathons in the fall, but he talked me out of it.  He wants me to select 2 half marathons instead, just so I don't get so beat up and  re-injured, and consider looking at running shorter distance races such 5k and 10k distances.  He also said he would write my training program for those two half marathons, which would be different than the generic training program he gave me before.   He believes that I could have a sub 2 hour half marathon, just based on what he's seen me do at my workouts. I also believe that I have a sub 2 in my future. I'm not sure when that will happen, but I know it's mine for the taking as long as I put in the work.  

I spent time with just my little family for a simple dinner out last night.  We just had the party for our daughter's graduation, and we're still a little worn out from the marathon/half marathon festivities.  I didn't ask for any birthday gifts, but Hubs gave me Photoshop, which we've never EVER had on our computer before -- and that boggles the mind since my family is of the artsy nature and you would think Photoshop would be in our arsenal of art supplies. He also surprised me with a glass heart pendant and matching earrings, and the kids also surprised me with some goodies as well. The best part is always letting the kiddo put out the fire, I mean, blow out my candles...

Today I ran just a little over 5 miles at Mission Bay Park.  It was a slow 5 miles.  I found myself intensely disliking the concrete path after about the first mile, and ran on  the grass or asphalt whenever possible.  My left foot was so uncomfortable, and feeling sore in new places.  Yeah, yeah...  I hear you all.  I'm still recouping.  I'm being conservative.  I promise.  Really.  I iced it when I was finished.  It feels better now, well, except for the sunburned parts of my feet that I'm still dealing with from after the half marathon.*

I just wanted to point out that my past San Diego Rock 'n' Roll experiences have been good ones.  I felt like some of the kinks of the early years were worked out by the time I decided to run in it, but with this new route and a different company running things, there are new kinks.  I love that this event is in my city and I just want to see some improvements. Each run event I've ever been a part of, 5ks to marathons,  has quirks and kinks to work out.  I was happy with my day this past Sunday, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Yesterday's Song:
Sunburn - Owl City


**My friend is counting. She wrote "36 years" on the card, too.
*I brought flip flops to wear after the run.  I didn't think to put sunscreen on my feet.
PSS - Cake photo credit to my friend Christopher from CT.  Not sure of his source, but he posted it on Facebook for me. ;)


Jill said...

Happy HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!! I got to the post office today with your pkg but alas, I wrote your addy with a magic marker that wore off and both my son and I tried hard to make out the address to rewrite it but we failed. So in the mail it goes tomorrow. Sorry! Sounds like you had a great time...and that green cake looks soooo yummy! I'm going to bed now so I stop thinking about it.

Flo said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

100 years - Five for Fighting, this is my favorite song!!!!!!!

Anne said...

Ha! I was right in my earlier comment that it was your birthday. It sounds like it was a good one, sunburned feet and all.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday again, sounds like you have a good one too. :-)

Aka Alice said...

Happy Birthday Irene!

You definitely have a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon in you. I think it's smart to limit the fall 1/2 marys to two. Those RU guys are SMART!

Flo beat me to Five for Fighting, which is probably the song you were after, but I have another song on my iPod titled "100 years" by Blues Traveller!

Are you going to run with the 1/2 Mad group?

Deene said...

Happy Birthday and a wonderful year! I have a friend with similar aging issues, only she's younger. Recently she became a grandmother so I now have started calling her Granny which might be a bit abrasive but hopefully she'll quit making old comments at me.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a great time.
Happy training also :)

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!

Glenn Jones said...

Happy Birthday! Like you, each year older I get the more comfortable with myself I feel. Pretty amazing.

Wait a minute - a 5K is less demanding than a Half Marathon? Shorter maybe. But less demanding? I must be something wrong...

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday. I also feel more and more comfortable with my age as I get older. I have friends who are older and friends who are younger and age never seems to be a factor.

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Good luck on your training. I also think that sub-two half marathon is in your future. Just run smart and don't get injured.

Joyce said...

Happy birthday! And the sub 2-hour half is definitely within reach for you. I think you're well on your way to coming back strong!

I Run for Fun said...

Happy birthday, Irene! I am so happy that you are back to running again...but Bryan is right...take it easy. You can definitely do sub-2:00 halfs. Good luck!

Pink Granite said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!!
- Lee