Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The kitchen counter above the sink.  A little something for everyone.

All of us, well, except for Hubs, has a cold.  It's just a matter of time before Hubs gets it.  Thank goodness it's nothing serious, just a royal pain in the bootay cold that messes up anyone's schedule.  I had major plans to swim this week since the pool opens earlier.  Ah well.   The advantage to being down  is resting, and that's good for the sore foot.  The foot is doing better, it just feels tired and hot at the end of the day, as if I worked a 10 hour shift in retail for a one day sale.*

We hosted Father's Day this year, which is when I woke up with the cold. Good times. I didn't get around to taking pictures because I was busy running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Having a cold leaves no room for clarity of mind. Some how I never vacuumed the living room which contained pretzel crumbs from the kid and dog hair, which really didn't matter in the big picture.  Regardless, the fathers were happy with the day, and a friend brought a bottle of Hungarian merlot that I could actually drink without getting hives.  Of course, there was a cooler full of imported beers, ice teas and juice. I made shishkabobs -- beef, chicken, and firm tofu kabobs staggered with hearty vegetables with a teryiaki marinade. FYI, firm tofu handles being on a skewer for barbecue very well - those were a hit with my vegetarian guests. Everyone else brought the salads, side dishes and desserts. Hubs received an 8GB iPod Nano from us.  His shuffle didn't make it through the marathon this year.  He probably got it wet when he tossed a cup of water on his head during the latter part of the  run.   I tried to resurrect his iPod, but it didn't work this time.  I think he's happy with the upgrade.  Father's day was also made happier with World Cup Soccer and Brazil's win over the Ivory Coast. Hubs is half Brazilian, and this victory made one more thing to celebrate.  Vai Brasil!

On the gardening front, the enemy gopher took down two more plants.  One was a head of romaine lettuce, which I was able to save and actually use, the other was an entire yellow squash plant with several baby yellow squash on it.  I was able to save some the squash, but they were really too small to make a full meal for everyone, but yummy with eggs for breakfast for one person. (Me).  I was looking forward to a lot of squash this year, and those would have been ready by the 4th of July. 

Until this cold lessens, I will not be running or swimming.  Pass the tissue.

I'm going back to bed.

Thursday's Song:
Freedom - George Michael, Richie Havens - Katiefeldmom, Miss Rachel


*I worked in retail for a gazillion years. My feet hurt just thinking about it.


Jill said...

Oh man, you are never getting a break here...from one to the next! I recognize that counter as mine last Feb/Mar ... ya should have hollered, I could have sent you all the stuff from my medicine cabinet. Hang in there girl...rest is going to kick that cold! Glad the foot's feeling better though - yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys feel better soon.

Jo Lynn said...

*Then you can probably relate to how I feel right now after my 8-hour shift today.
Get well soon, my dear! ;)

Glenn Jones said...

Go to Home Depot and get a box type gopher trap. The look like a big rat trap in a box with a hole at the end. If there's one thing tha a gopher doesn't like its the sun. It will run up it's tunnel to plug the hole and voila!

Hope your cold gets better. It's always such a bummer to have one during the summer months.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the Congrats!
Damn that gopher.

Indi said...

Colds totally suck!! Hope you get to feeling better soon :) Daquil/Nyquil combo always worked wonders for me!

Deene said...

stupid gopher!
hope you feel better soon.

Pink Granite said...

Love the firm tofu idea.
Don't love that dang gopher!
I too have a background in retail sales - looong days indeed.
Hope good health overtakes you very soon!
- Lee