Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday's Song:
Daddy - Beyonce



Southbaygirl said...

Arent they all???

Anne said...

Now, that's someone who knows how to take a rest day :) Hope you're feeling better.

Jill said...


As I sit here and type, I'm noticing your "persevere" bracelet. When I ran Big Sur two years ago, my girlfriend and I bought that exact saying on a bracelet and thought I failed miserabely in Big Sur, I wore it for my marathon in St. George and it was the first time I BQ'd. Just a happy memory :). My same friend gave me a plaque for xmas that year and it says this, "perseverence: The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it." Ok, that's totally a sidenote to your cute kitty... but that's how my mind works. :) Hope your cold's doing better!!

Meg said...

I'm so bad, I love cat pictures but not cats. Dogs though, are my favorite. I hope you're feeling better and guess what? I lost ALL of my carrots, yesterday, to gophers! I thought of you!! Are my cucumbers next?!

Kate said...

I love this kitty picture. Just found your blog. Awesome. Love it :)