Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Michael and I on top of the roof of Sam's childhood home in Guanajuato, Mexico.

We're baaaaaaak!

There are so many stories about the places we've been to, people we've met, things we've seen. I'll post some highlight pictures in another blog post. I was planning this great photo collage for my first post of the new year, but most of my favorite pictures aren't with me at the moment.

I'm thinking I need to follow Anne's lead and initiate a "Wordless Wednesday." I took so many pictures that I ran out of space on my media card, and had to download the pictures to Michael's laptop. Yeah, he took the laptop on our trip so he could do some work. *grumble* Next time I'm bringing extra media cards.

In just under 10 days we visited so many places - I counted about 10 cities/villages/sites, but I know there's more. Sam kept saying we were living like gypsies because we were always on the go. I think there was only one down day in Queretaro to do laundry, check e-mails and rest. I came home inspired and with an entirely new perspective of Mexico. I was awestruck. I have TONS of pictures, but for some reason the media stick Michael transferred the photos to (from his laptop) isn't cooperating.* I have to wait until he brings his laptop home from work, just so I can download some pics here. I have some great shots.

We had some of the best food from the street vendors and in farmer's markets, not to mention super cheap. We were stuffed full, beverage included for about the equivalent of two or three American dollars. Everything was super fresh and made to order, right in front of us. We were constantly on the go, so we mostly had only two large meals per day, and perhaps a light snack at night. We were so busy that I was able to maintain my weight.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I'll catch up to you all, soon.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009's song :
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams, etc...


*Discovered that he copied the photos to the stick as "read only." DOH!


KatieFeldmom said...

Welcome Back!!! I can't wait to see more pictures .... the city behind you in the picture of above is beautiful!!! I've never been to Mexico - when I go, I'll have to find out where I *need* to go!!!

Deene said...

what a colorful city! i'm looking forward to more photos.

Aka Alice said...

Welcome back! Can I just say that I LOVE the green shirt?

Can't wait for the pix!

Anne said...

Sounds like Wednesdays are looking up for us! We need to do lunch so I can get all the details in person.

E-Speed said...

glad you had such a fun trip!

I Run for Fun said...

What an awesome trip! Looks like you did some real traveling, not a touristy version of it. Love the pic and can't wait to see more.

Glenn Jones said...

Welcome home Irene! I saw some of your pictures on FB yesterday. My last trip to Mexico was in the interior - Puebla. It was like being in a different world. I can hardly wait for more pictures and stories!

By the way- I'm slowly moving away from the PR mindset. Last year I would have run a race a month. This year the urge to race isn;t there as muc - but the urge to get off my butt is! I'm enjoying the challenge of training!

Jill said...

Sounds like a fabulous vacation - wow! It's so icky cold here in Denver right now...I wish I were there!! Welcome home and Happy New Year!!

C said...

Riding the train from Mexicali to Mexico City is also a blast. Up through the different climate zones, through small cities with their incredible bring-it-to-the-train food service, and experiencing the "sorry we didn't make the connection; there will be one tomorrow" attitude was grand.

Love your photos, Irene!