Friday, January 15, 2010

Ridiculous Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Have you ever researched a product you were thinking about buying, and read through the customers comments/reviews? Before purchasing my Garmin, and more recently a Keurig coffee machine as a family Christmas present and a Cuisinart juicer to replace the cheap-o one that broke, I researched these items to see which models would work best and fit my needs. I've discovered when reading the consumer review section, that the people who had the most problems with the products usually didn't read the directions, or never went past the "getting started" page. Seriously. I guess people just want to use their gadgets right out of the box, sans directions.

It's raining hard in Southern California. Finally.

My little girl cat was initiating play with the dog when she thought we weren't looking. I wonder if they really get along when we're not home, and if all those dirty looks and growls are just for show?

I have the Carlsbad Half Marathon next weekend and I'm not ready. I have been running and working out , and I know I can finish it, but the most I've run since the Las Vegas RNR HM is 5 miles. Going for a PR is not in the equation.

I receive a call on my cell phone from an unfamiliar number, and answer it anyway:
Me - "Hello"
kid - "Mooooooooom?" "Tyler just spray painted my room!"
Me - You have the wrong number.
kid - *phone disconnects*
I'm so glad I'm not the mom in that scenario...

I'm finally using Daily Mile for my workouts, as well as my runs.

I ran with the track club on Saturday. It was a five miler. It was so much fun to see most of my running friends again, plus many brand new faces. It's going to be another great year of running!

Chargers. *sigh*

My son took it upon himself to clean out the work shed in the backyard, and we all got into it. The shed turned into a catch all for the stuff we no longer use or need, and it was embarrassingly full. The shed also contained boxes of random household items leftover from our move here, three years ago. (Can you say "procrastination?") Obviously, we didn't need all of that stuff. My daughter made so many trips to Goodwill that they now know her. Our recycle bin is crammed with cardboard, and the trash can is equally full. We have more to do, as that space will some day become become an office, but it's much better.

Wednesday's Song:

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy - Ohio Express



Pink Granite said...

I too have seen moments of gentleness between pets, especially our cats and dogs. I think there is much more going on than we will ever know.

Good luck with the Carlsbad marathon!
- Lee

Meg said...

I know, ***sigh***. I was so hopeful.
Relax and enjoy Carlsbad!

Rookie on the Run said...

Ha! I'm glad I'm not the mom of the household graffiti artist, too! But with my youngest, that may one day be my fate. He loves to "color" and "paint". Especially on the walls and carpet. :p

Have fun at the Carlsbad Half! Since you have no expectations, you can just enjoy it. :D

Jo Lynn said...

Oooh boy - it's raining hard up here too!

Anonymous said...

Laughing at the phone call -- so glad I'm not that mom either. Yikes.

We need to purge our garage too. So not looking forward to the process but can't wait for the outcome!!!

Deene said...

i guess that mom wasn't happy when she arrived home.
i usually don't read the manual or instructions of new gadgets, esp. the ones written in Chinese or French.

Melissa H said...

Feel free to pass along Garmin tutorials. Mine was a deal on eBay because it came without the manual! :-D I have, however, read the online pdf manual from beginning to end. :-)