Saturday, November 07, 2009

Your Long Journey

Activity: Run
Date: 11/07/09 07:1208 AM
Distance: 6.08 miles
Time: 1:08:46 Speed: 5.3 mph
Pace: 11' 19 min/mile
Calories: 586

I ran with the track club today, for a change. RU was doing the train run, which is about 16 miles, and I didn't need that many miles. The track club met at one of my favorite places, Tidelands Park in Coronado. Since I have the 5k tomorrow I decided to take things easy. I ran with one of my track club friends, Kate, and we chatted the entire 6 miles. Chatting also prevented me from going too fast. I felt amazingly invigorated after this run, I'm not sure why, but part of it is probably being back with my SDTC running friends. It was somewhat therapeutic and exactly what I needed. This is not to say that running with RU isn't good, because it is, but I'm usually running alone because most everyone is faster than I am in that group, but they're all much younger, too. I am FAR from being the elder runner in the SDTC.

I've been struggling since last week on a how to handle some news I received. My last blog post was a bit fragmented, and just bits and pieces of random things, but I was avoiding what really was on my mind.

One of my closest friends informed me (through e mail) that her only son, only child, passed away last week. Nick was 29 years old. I'm not sure what happened. I don't know if he was ill, was in an accident or something else. I can only imagine the devastation and heartbreak my friend is feeling. We exchanged a couple of e mails since I heard the news, and I've asked her to call me when she's ready.

From all appearances, things were going well for Nick. He worked in the radiology department at a hospital, had an active social life, and was a very caring and thoughtful person. The last time I spoke to Nick was during the time I was in Chicago to spend some girl time with his mom (my friend) and my sister. It was a brief phone call, but he sounded like the same sweet and charming Nick I knew when he was a kid, but with a much deeper voice.

"God's given us years of happiness here
Now we must part
And as the angels come and call for you
The pains of grief tug at my heart
Oh my darling
My darling
My heart breaks as you take your long journey"

Farewell, Nick.
October 4, 1980 - October 28, 2009

Tuesday's song:
Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith



Mel-2nd Chances said...

I cannot even imagine. My condolences to your friend, and you of course. Far too young :(

Meg Runs said...

I'm so sorry, that must be so hard for your friend. Loosing a child of any age is the worst. Hope you feel better too!

Lisa said...

That's so disheartening. The loss of a child has to be the worst thing any parent could go through. Deepest sympathy to your friend.

Anne said...

Very sorry to hear about your friend's loss. That Nick was close to your kids' age too just brings it home all the more. It's good that she let everyone know...that couldn't have been easy for her to do, knowing the avalanche of condolences - and questions - to follow.

Irene said...

Thanks so much. It was such a shock.

Juls said...