Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

In case you haven't heard Meb Keflezighi, representing the USA, won the New York City Marathon. I understand that he resides in San Diego. He also came back from a hip fracture, which took him two years to bounce back from. Hmmmm.

I didn't post earlier about my craptastic run on Halloween morning. It was a 12 miler. The good thing about it is that I ran with one of my RU friends for the first 3 miles, then she ran a different route. I did an out and back from the Jetty at South Mission Beach to La Jolla near Wind and Sea beach and back. It's a scenic route and normally quite doable, mostly flat with a few hills in La Jolla, but nothing treacherous. The out was OK and at talking pace. The back was just crappy. Even my husband said I was leaning to the right when he saw me come in at the end. My legs felt heavy and my back was feeling pressure. It felt like I ran way more than the 12.12 miles I actually did run. I suppose I can't get away with skipping a run on vacation. I could have put in at least a 3 miler on the hotel gym treadmill, which was brand new, but I didn't. Hindsight...

Yesterday at RU Bryan had me do a series of exercises that had nothing to do with running, pylometrics or jumping, but it helps all of those activities. It was all about stretching and doing slow exercises that get my legs, hips and joints back in gear. It really helped.

Today I redeemed myself and ran intervals on the gym treadmill, and was quite pleased with my overall performance.

Should I be concerned that my 80 year old father has a Facebook account? I'm not sure how Facebook savvy my dad is, and I'm sure he'd be calling me up all the time asking about things I post... I'm not even Facebook "friends" with my own kids, and that's on purpose.

My daughter just assumed that we didn't need the leftover Halloween candy - all chocolate and all my favorites (on purpose - I never want to be left with candy we dislike), so she gave it ALL to her stick figure boyfriend. I had a fit. Of course we need chocolate. I could not survive PMS without it. To get over myself I made a batch of brownies with semi-sweet chocolate chips and walnuts.

I heard this quote today from LL Cool J, a guest on the Bonnie Hunt show, when refering to doing what you are passionate about:
"What you do speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying."

I'm finally coming over to the other side. I ordered a Garmin 405CX through RU. They managed to get a good deal on a large order. Even with tax, it came out way less expensive than if I were to buy it from Road Runner Sports with my track club and VIP discounts! Sweet! I should receive it in a couple of weeks, after the entire order is placed.

I've been selected for Jury Duty, again. I think it has been less than two years since I've served on a jury. Still, I probably won't be able to get out of it. (Yeah I know all about civic duty, but I've been through the process several times already. Give someone else the opportunity!)

My sister brought this to my attention:

I must go finish off the last brownie.

Friday's song:
Hay Amores - Shakira - Barbie2be



RunningLaur said...

I'm impressed by your treadmill runs - they can be hard to do!

Having your 80 yr old day join facebook made me laugh, maybe he'll be computer savvy because of it!

Jo Lynn said...

Oh, HELL NO! Nobody give away MY leftover Halloween candy. She would have to pay for that mistake, I tell ya.
I'm trying to get my 77 year old mom to join FB. I told her she could easily communicate with my nieces and nephews. I think she's considering it. ;)

Pat said...

that cat really was talking. that's amazing.
OH, and garmin rocks.

Juls said...

You are so going to LOVE your garmin.

Anne said...

I have stand-by jury duty next week. I prefer the one-day versus a week of calling in each night. (And Meb lives in Mammoth Lakes now, but his family is still here in San Diego. Least that's what I was told.)

On to better runs for both of us...and congrats on scoring a great deal on the advanced Garmin.

Miss Rachel said...

One time (one time, at band camp...) I got called for jury duty and really wanted to do it because I was unhappy at my job. But they ended up not wanting me.

Your run may have been crappy, but it was 12.12 miles - w00t!

Love the kitty video.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

There are good and bad running days. UGH!!

Thanks for telling me your upcoming races :)

The Garmin 405 is so much smaller than the 305.. Hmmmmm...

I would be happy if someone would take the candy away...I have been eating 5 or more pieces per night. NOT GOOD!!

That is FUNNY about Facebook. My Mom does not know how to upload pictures so she always asks me to do it..

Meg Runs said...

Nice Garmin, that's wonderful that you got a good deal, they are so pricey!
WHAT? You lost your Halloween candy? I bought a few bags "just in case" we had trick or treaters and no one came(no one has EVER come to our house)...so I can share! Do you need some chocolate?
Haa, ha about your dad or should we be scared?

Matthias said...

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