Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Running on a Treadmill

On Monday I had a killer workout at RU. I can usually conquer what ever it is they set out before me, even if I am dripping in sweat when I am finished. In addition to my regular workout, Bryan put me on a treadmill with grade set to 10, to simulate a hill, and had me do intervals, but he wanted me to keep running the entire time, even if I went slow.

I know.

Treadmill hill intervals.


*deep breath*

Just take me now...

Under normal circumstances, it takes me a good 5 minutes on a treadmill to get a breathing rhythm down. This is at a gym with fans in front of the treadmill section and air conditioning. I'm also plugged into my iPod and have my water bottle within reach. This was not my normal circumstance.

No air conditioning.

No fans.

No iPod.

No water bottle within reach.

How prosaic!

I pride myself in that I can do just about any workout with a "bring it on" attitude and not complain, even if I am struggling. Complaining takes too much negative energy. I'm basically asking for the challenge, and I do like the challenge. This was different. I was gasping for my breath. I sweat so much it was ridiculous. I struggled. I wanted it to be over. I felt defeated. I couldn't run the entire interval session. I had to walk. Ugh. Stupid treadmill.

That was Monday.

Yesterday I decided to take on THE HILL in my neighborhood, the one with the 16% grade. I wasn't going to let that stupid piece of machinery's fake hill defeat me. I get to THE HILL and it's blocked off. Once again, I pick a day when the city is ripping up a section of THE HILL due to ruptured water pipes or for the underground wires. There's other hills in my neighborhood, but THE HILL is the one that offers the most challenge due to its distance and grade. I had no choice so I ran around my neighborhood, taking on other shorter, steep hills, but there were a lot of flat parts to get to those other hills. It wasn't quite what I wanted or needed to do, but I made sure I motored up those hills full force without giving in or giving up.

Needless to day, I'm a bit sore today, and I still have the group workout to look forward to this evening.

Bring. It. On.

Saturday's song:
Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks - Run-DMZ


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Melissa H said...

I hate the treadmill! (and I have to do entirely too many of my weekly runs on the damn thing! Today, for example!) It is just not the same as running outside. The feel is different, you can't settle into your pace (because it is pacing for you) and it is BOOOOOOORRRRRINNNNNG.

If it weren't for my fan, I would never step on the thing. Kudos to you for doing it, anyway!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I despise the treadmill. Despise.It.

barbie2be said...

really? oingo boingo?

i used to get on the treadmill, plug in my headset and watch the food network. i could walk for miles and miles. but i don't run. ever.

Jo Lynn said...

No air condition, fan, or water? I think that is called "torture".

Good job on the "real" hill. ;)

Anne said...

Oh, I know that hill in your neighborhood. It's huge! And you ran up it?! I bow before your presence.

Deene said...

stupid treadmill!

kara said...

I always get too warm - running the treadmill at the gym. Next time bringing my own fan. I hate running on a treadmill!

Glenn Jones said...

Irene - thanks for taking the time to read my race report and thanks for all of your encouragement the past weeks. It really did help out there when things were going sideways!

Also - don't know if I mentioned it or not - but Shelter Island is a go! Hope to get a chance to finally meet!

Miss Rachel said...

Grade 10 on the treadmill - lordy! I'm sure you can run up The (real) Hill though - you go!

Black Knight said...

Noooo the dreadmill, the nightmare!!! I have it but it is the last chance: only if outside there is the hell!

Joyce said...

I think I prefer waterboarding over treadmill + inclines/no AC. Crikey!

Irene said...

I can deal with the treadmill as long as I at least have an iPod. It was brutal!

Not my fav, but not my least fav. For me, elliptical is like being in mud and not as fun. It's a notch down from a treadmill.

Winner! Really. ;) Walking - I could walk on a treadmill all day as long as I have music or the Food Network on the tube.

I know! So barbaric! LOL. Real hills are better.

Well, I didn't take it on that day, but I've taken it on before, especially when I was training for Nike in 2007. It's a good one!

Stupid treadmill, indeed!

I just saw an ad for a fan hat. There's a fan built into the bill of the hat. At first I thought I was a stupid idea but now it looks pretty good in light of my treadmill hills...

Woohoo! It's gonna be a party! I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

It was killer!

Black Knight,
I'm OK with 20 to 30 minutes of intervals, but the hill setting just killed me. It was hard to recover.

I would prefer waterboarding over a treadmill!!!!