Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Ask Any Girl

Most of us know that October is Cancer Awareness Month. I had my mammogram, along with a DEXA scan a couple of weeks ago. I scheduled two back to back appointments, just so I could get it all done in one trip, in the same department. When I get to the check in desk, in line, the desk clerk just said "up." Huh? She repeated "up" and looked at me. Alrighty then. What ever happened to "may I help you?" It gets even better. I'm called back into the room with all the equipment, change into the hospital robe and the radiology tech directs me into the machine with the squishers, but something isn't right. I'm not a radiology tech, but I've had this done before, so I knew what to expect. She kept readjusting me to the point that I was on my tip-toes, otherwise I would have been hanging from the machine by my breast. Yeah. I know! She still can't figure out why it's not working, so she has me step out of the machine, READJUSTS THE MACHINE SO IT ACCOMMODATES MY HEIGHT and does the other side, and everything is just peachy, no problems, but she kept on insisting it was my fault that she couldn't get me in the machine properly. Maybe it was my fault for showing up on her shift. I dunno. I guess someone handed out a box of bitchy pops that morning because the feel of the entire radiology section was rather tense. The DEXA scan (bone density testing) went OK, the lady there was actually nice, so maybe she's allergic to bitchy pops... Don't let my fun with a mammogram deter you from getting yours. A mammogram is just part of all the things you can do to help detect breast cancer.

Last week I had my now annual visit with my Endocrinologist. The DEXA scan results were not there, which was the whole point of my visit. He said that it normally does not take long for those results to be analyzed and posted, so I basically had forked out my copay just to say hi. Honestly. We did go over protocol and my lifestyle, and said he I was "young." Nice to know 50 is considered young. He recommended keeping me on bone builders for another couple of years and get another DEXA scan, reevaluate, and perhaps adjust the meds or go completely off of them. He did write me up a new Rx and that was that. I'm still waiting for my DEXA scan numbers, by the way.

I started looking at my running shoes and realized that the treads were shot on the two pairs I use the most. My favorites, the Asics Gel Nimbus 11's are showing the most wear, and my New Balance 905's are still decent, but with the the couple of half marathons looming I will need a new pair before November, and the NB's won't last me that long, especially with some longer runs planned. I really shouldn't be spending full price for a pair of running shoes right now, so I went looking for a bargain.

I visited the Road Runner Sport's clearance center, behind the actual store, and found a pair of Pearl Izumi's Cruise, a brand new pair, in the once worn section, for $77. They normally sell for around $110. Apparently, they don't carry Pearl Izumi's in stock, they all have to be special ordered direct from the company. I'm guessing that these were an order that didn't work out because they are a new, current model with absolutely no signs of wear.

I also found a pair of insoles for high arches for $8, and those normally run between $16 and $24.

Just for fun, I went into the regular retail section of the store and wanted to try on a few different brands, but they were out of stock in just about every shoe I wanted to try on, at least in my size. That was a surprise because that's their flagship store. Ah well. Next time. I guess with the Fall brings more run/walk events and more people need shoes, meaning even RRS *runs* out of shoes (in my size).

Running and working out are going well, except for a flu bug that I'm dealing with. If I can run and workout without throwing up then it's a good day.

Sunday's song
Wherever I May Roam - Metallica



Pink Granite said...

Sometimes the mammogram visit goes smooth as silk - other times OY!!!
If only we could clone the good moments and the good technicians - and their moods!
- Lee

Meg Runs said...

I haven't ever been to the clearance store at Road Runner, I better give it a try! Did you know that you can get a track club discount, their store discount and often, another discount for spending over a certain amount and it sometimes can add up to 30% or 40% off! I love that place!

I hope you feel better soon, did you get a flu shot yet? Rest up...

Anonymous said...

First off, hope you feel MUCH better soon!!

Second, congrats on the great deals! I need to buy some new sneaks too. Hmmmm...what to do, what to do. :)

Sorry you had a not nice experience with your mammogram. I have to get my second one in Dec. Hope the DEXA scan results arrive soon.

Anne said...

That technician should be grateful she still has a job. I know plenty of more pleasant people who would love to replace her and the clipped receptionist.

I always forget about RRS clearance warehouse. I just ordered my new shoes and I bet they are on sale there. Argghhhh.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

That sounds like a painful exam...but good for you staying on top of things..

and GREAT score!!

Miss Rachel said...

Oy vey, getting a mammogram is stressful enough without having to deal with people who've had their bitchy pops (love that!) that day. Gotta have it done though.

A flu bug? That's too bad. Take care.

Deene said...

Stupid technician and receptionist, who made them come to work! or they really should be glad they still have a job.

hope you feel better.

Dori said...

What a great post title!

Good for you for reminding us to get a mammogram. My 59 year old, active friend just had a masectomy after taking 3 years off from her last mammogram. As soon as I found that out, I made my appointment.

If you're over 50, it's time to get a colonoscopy, too. These things are unpleasant, but runners aren't immune from cancer. Wish we were.

barbie2be said...

the supremes?

i had a dexa scan that was "normal for my age" last year. i get quite a lot of calcium and vitamin d thought.

i think i need some new walking shoes. time to start looking even though now that i have completed the RNRSJ, i swear now that i have retired from race events.

Glenn Jones said...

Don't you know that *everything* is apparently your fault Irene? I really get upset at that whole mentality. What ever happened to accoutability? Hey - it's not my fault. I'll just sue.

I hear of this RRS clearance center often. Where is it? I have a RRS sore here in Costa Mesa, but everything is always full retail. Those are some monster discounts you got!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I am happy that the radiology center where I go for mammorgrams and regular ultrasounds of my girly innards are so pleasant and nice. Girls get your Mammos! I have the dreaded legacy of breast cancer in my family. I've been getting mammos since I was 30!
Hope you find some good shoes cheap! I just shelled out for new ones. It hurt, even with the $40 in frequent buyer and contest winnings that I had...

Glenn Jones said...

Thanks fo the address. I thnk I'm coming down for Sheler Island, so I'll check it out then.

Irene said...

Last year was great. I wonder what happened to last year's techs??? It's done and it came back clear!

It's sort of hit and miss with the clearance store. I just got lucky! I still need a flu shot!

I finally received the DEXA scan results! No changes and that's good!

I'm not sure what size you are, but just so you know, I didn't see a lot of Nike's there the day I went, so your purchase was a good thing!

Tall Mom Mel,
It wasn't the best, but I got it done! Whew!

I'm feeling better, thanks!

Yep. I already received the phone call for a colon screening... Yay. :)

Winner! I miss seeing you around these parts! Congrats on the SJ half!

I'm used to everything being my fault. I went to Catholic school for 12 years...

I did get the Pearl Izumi's. :) For a newer style already marked down is a deal!