Sunday, June 12, 2005

One week after...

In ths post marathon week I've done practically nothing in the way of running or even working out. Monday, post marathon, I felt like I was a hundred years old, as getting in and out of a chair was with the greatest effort. I did attempt to do some light stretches but that was monumental in itself because stretching requires movement... I also took a closer look at my left middle toe. I had a pedicure a week prior so the color covered any immediate visuals. I was afraid to look, but upon removing the color, I discovered that my toenail didn't actually come off or turn black, it's the area surrounding the nail had blistered, which pushed the nail up, making it feel as if it came off. The blister popped so that will be okay... I don't remember much about Monday, but I did have a great IM chat with Natalie from South Africa, who is running in the Comrades event this week. She asked me if I had "cottonwool head." Well, I suppose I did because my mind was fuzzy and a friend had asked me if I was on drugs... No drugs, not unless you count Tylenol. The only explanation for my disposition was "cottonwool head." By Wednesday I was feeling somewhat normal and visited my chiropractor for my bi-monthly adjustment. Upon arriving, the lady at the front desk announced, " I saw you run through the finish line at the marathon. I would have yelled for you but I couldn't remember your name!" She was there to support her husband who also ran. My chiropractor wanted to know all the details of the run and if I had any major pain issues... I just had sore muscles. By Wednesday I was moving more normally, but no where near running. Michael and I took some time off to celebrate my birthday, so spent a couple of days at the Catamaran hotel/resort located between Mission Bay and Mission Beach. Perhaps we were somewhat dillusional because we brought our running gear, as there are wonderful, paved beach and bay paths to run on... Well... Running never happened, but we did take long walks... As this was a week of rest and recuperation, I am now feeling rather puffy and needing to get back into the swing of things. I have plans to restart BFL June 13 and begin running again, but no LSD runs for a while. My niece wants to participate in a 5K with me on the 4th of July so I think I'm up for that. I'll be ready. This week Natalie is running in the Comrades in South Africa and Naomi is running her marathon in Alaska... I'll be cheering very loudly for the both of them! I can't wait to hear their post-marathon stories!


jen said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm psyched to read yours now!

Wow, you ran a marathon! Do you keep saying that to yourself? Excellent job. Was this your first? I'm thinking about doing one in November, which would be my first. I've done 2 halfs, and I think I can do a full if I just put my mind to it.

I know this is a little late, and would have been more useful last week, but if you can get a massage after the marathon, or at the very latest the next day, your recovery will really speed up. I've done some 100 mile mountain bike rides, and when I get a good massage the next day my recovery period is shortened by about 3 days. As in I can actually sit on the toilet and stand up again without assistance the day after the massage. HUGE difference. I highly recommend it for your next marathon!

Irene said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for visiting! Thanks for your comments about massage. I was so beat on Monday morning -- I don't know if I could have driven myself to get a massage, and I even have a close freind who is a massage therapist. My chiropractor massages before adjusting so that felt wonderful, even though it was a couple of days later. Next time I'll set up a massage for the day after!

This marathon was my first. It was a blast. Training is everything, but I'm sure you already know that with all the cycling you do. Two books to check out are "Marathoning For Mortals" by John Bingham and "Marathon Training For Dummies" by Tere Stouffer Drenth. I persoally liked the training outline in "Marathoning For Mortals better," but "Marathon Training For Dummies" answers a ton of common questions." I tried to do BFL and marathon train but it's too hard to weight train when you start doing the long distance runs. Today I'm back to another 12 weeks of BFL. I'll check back to your blog for updates!
All the best,

jen said...

Thanks for the book tips! I picked up the John Bingham book last month, and I've been reading parts here and there. That's the plan I'm going to try starting in a few weeks I think.

jen said...

By the way, are you interested in a profile? I've got one invite code, and I don't think I've seen you over there so I thought I'd ask. Just let me know.

Irene said...

Yes I sure would like one!