Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Scrubs

I have a 20k race coming up THIS Saturday.  What the heck was I thinking?  It was either do the 16 mile train run, which is mostly coastal, or do the 20K race, which is inland and hilly.  I really like the train run, all 16 miles of it.  The track club does this run every year.  We meet at the train station and take the train 16 miles up the coast and run back.  Since I've opted to train for the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll HALF MARATHON this year, I have  free admission to this 20K race through the track club.  If I were signed up for the MARATHON, I'd have my train fare paid for and would be running 16 miles.   I'm going into the 20K with an open mind.  I'm not at all familiar with the route, and I just keep hearing that it's a hard race due to the hills. I'm not a newbie to hills, but I haven't been training on hills as much as I should be. 

Other Stuff

I was somewhat vague in my last post about certain details.  My new job really isn't a new job, but I'll be working for a doctor who I was employed with several years ago.   Through Facebook, a former coworker contacted me wanting to know if I knew anyone who was looking for a job.  Me!  I'm keeping an open mind about this job because it will be much different than my last workplace, but I'm looking forward  to working for someone who isn't a complete psychopath.  I'm looking forward to a much calmer workplace. No more scrubs.

 Lake Murray with Cowels Mountain in the background.  It was much prettier closer to the lake. Trust me.

Ducks do not like having their pictures taken.  They were just about ready to call in their body guard ducks.

FYI, the pictures in my last post (and in this post) are from Lake Murray in La Mesa, CA, which AKA Alice affectionately refers to as "Lake Boy Part." 

Lentils and eggs actually go together for breakfast,  and strawberries and rosemary go well together in a compote or jam.  You need an ice cream maker to make gelatto.  1st grade homework is ridiculous.  Yeah, I've had some time on my hands the past couple of weeks.

Friday's Song:
Best Days -  Graham Colton



Anonymous said...

100% agreed on 1st grade homework. 2nd grade, just as ridiculous.

Aka Alice said...

Hmmmm...I was thinking of taking the train and leaving a car in the lot at the end of La Costa Blvd...is that going to be a problem?

Wait for 7th grade work. Way too many worksheets!

Jill said...

Ooo, the 20K will be lots of fun - look at it as an adventure and just smile the whole time and it will go great. Perfrect training for the SD half!

My daughter's boyfriend used to work at a gelato place and would bring home ice cream all last summer; it was sooooo good. I always meant to google that, to se what's different about it vs ice cream...but I never did. Thanks for the reminder :).

I think these days you almost need to know someone to get a new job. That's cool about the friend asking - perfect timing - I hope it goes so much more smoothly after the last disaster!! You deserve a great job after that!

Jenn said...

Always enjoyable NOT to work for a psychopath:) I'm not sure I could give up my scrubs though-the drawstring is very forgiving particularly around the holidays!!

Good luck with the 20K! Sometimes those races you go into with a completely open mind turn out to be the best ones!

Meg said...

Your job does sound nice, I am happy for you and have fun at your race this weekend!

Black Knight said...

Enjoy the race and take it easy if you don't know the route.
In my "job life" (at that time in the Coast Guard) I met a psychopath only one time but we succeeded in sending him away.
Have a good week end.

Anne said...

I've tried posting to Blogger sites several times this week and it cuts me off every time. Errrrg.

The El Cajon 20k is my favorite local race. I hope you enjoy it.

And no one else has mentioned yet that the song is from TLC?!

Southbaygirl said...

which 20K???? How did it go???? I think I read about a 20K in San Diego-if it hadnt been saturday I would have joined you!