Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Days

 Over the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of running on this:

Stopping to look at and smell these:

Spending a lot more time with:

and reconnecting with:

It has been a good mental vacation of sorts, but I've been in search of employment, and have been spending way too much time looking here:

Last week I received this:

For whatever it's worth, I normally don't put a lot of stock into what a fortune cookie says, but I was hopeful.

This week, this happened:

I start back to work in two weeks.  Whew.

Song from Wednesday, March 16, 2011:
Peace - Norah Jones



Anonymous said...

Have you and Evan tried Sorry Sliders? So much fun. Pictureka too.

Lisa said...


Jill said...

Ahhh, that is excellent news! Congrats on the new job and I hope it's exactly what you want and you enjoy it a lot!

My friend lost his job and really struggled finding one. One he had a fortune cookie and it said in 3 months he'd have good luck. He got a job offer 1 day exactly before that 3rd never underestimate the power in those cookies!! :)

Have a great weekend!!!

Meg said...

I love the way you've been spending your free time. How about your garden? I remember that from last year!
You still have two weeks off, enjoy and congratulations with the haven't been out of it for too long. That's just great!
*Thanks for your words about parenting. It just never gets easier but I'm learning to deal with it!!

Chris K said...

Good luck with the job search Irene. I wonder where that lake is. Kinda looks like Hodges, but I don't think you get up that way. Maybe Lake Murray. Well, I guess I'll never know.

Aka Alice said...

Yay!!!!! Where?

Sorry I missed the run this am. I LOVE that run.

Anne said...

Not at all surprised you found another job so soon. I hope this one works out better than the last.

Black Knight said...

I am very glad you got a new job! Good luck.
Great pictures: spring has come!

Tricia said...