Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wow.  I have a moment.   I can get in some blogging...

I did see the doctor last week for the fatigue I've been dealing with.  He ordered  fasted blood tests (thyroid, iron, vitamin D, adrenals, celiac panels, B 12, etc) and a pulmonary function test.  The fasted blood tests are done, and now I'm just waiting on my appointment for the pulmonary tests.  He also put me on a steroid inhaler (Qvar) in hopes that will help open up my lungs more, and to see if that helps lessen the fatigue. 

I started working out with a group on Thursday evenings with Rehab United. Last Thursday we did endurance testing.  Last year I kicked bootay.  This year...  um, not so much.  Most of my numbers were cut in half.  I couldn't do nearly the same number of push ups and pull ups I could do last year.  The fatigue has really taken it's toll on me. I guess the good thing is that I now have a new baseline to start with, and I know I can get it back if I just keep pushing through -- at least I hope it works out that way.   The only thing that looked half way decent was my timed mile.  We were supposed to run one mile as hard and fast as possible.  I was timed at about 7:15 for that mile, but I think that's wrong.  We run around the complex where RU is located, which is just under 400 meters by several feet.  We ran 4 times around the complex, and I know that's just short of a mile.  I'm guessing that my  mile is more like 7:45 or 8:00.  It's certainly possible that I could run 7:15 for just one mile if I'm busting out some speed, but I wasn't, except for maybe the last 100 yards or so. I didn't have my Garmin with me, so I couldn't check exact time or distance.  The good part about working out on Thursdays is that I'm with people I already know from last year's group, and they're a lot of fun.

The last time I ran was Saturday morning with the Rehab United group.  The plan was a 40 minute, time on your feet run. Most of the people who showed up ran about my pace or under, which is unheard of.  Last year I was the slow-poke of the group since most everyone's slow pace was an 8 minute mile.  (Yeah, yeah, speed is all relative, but when you're shooting for an 10 or 11 minute mile for a long run, there's a lot of waiting around involved on their parts.)  Our fearless leader, Justin, and his girl friend were the speedy ones -- probably in the mid 7s, low 8s.  I  held an average 9:30 m/m for  the 4.4 miles I ran, but I just couldn't push harder than that due to my ongoing issue with shin splints and fatigue.  I should be able to hold around a 9 minute mile with ease. I was a little frustrated, but glad I was able to hold my own without going any slower.  I was able to pace with my friend Renata, and I think having her just slightly ahead of me kept me from slowing. Renata and I came in ahead of the group, which was a novelty to me.  I'm NEVER at the head of any running group when it comes to speed.  (This year several people are opting out of the Las Vegas trip due to the expense, and a lot of those people were MUCH faster than me.) Everyone else came in just after us, so it's not like we were channeling our inner Kenyans - we were just pushing through as best as possible.  As for my left shin, it was not too happy with me.  I even wore compression socks, which helped tremendously, but still not a fix for my screaming shin.

I booked air fare and a room for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. I was planning to register for the half marathon on line, but the processing fee is $11.00. That's just ridiculous. I thought I'd be able to use my $10.00 discount code, but that processing fee negates the discount. I'll sign up the old fashioned way, with pen and paper and no processing fee, AND a $10.00 discount through Rehab United.

Just in case, if you're planning to run Las Vegas, a lot of the hotel web sites say they're sold out for that Saturday. Call the toll free number and ask for group reservations. I was able to book a room at Luxor that way, even though the site said it was sold out.

My sister and her husband were in town last weekend. They are so happy to be back in California, and the job transfer has been smooth. They stayed in Coronado at the Glorietta Bay Inn and we were able to share dinner with them. We (sort of) celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. Long story short ... BUT, He was constantly joking around with our server, so she brought out a huge slice of mud pie  -- on the house. Hubs suggested a candle for the mud pie because it WAS (supposedly) my brother-in-law's birthday. Not really, his birthday was in July, but since there was a mud pie, it only seemed fitting that someone was sung to.

We were all laughing, not only because it wasn't his birthday, but because the people at the adjacent tables were singing, too. The server was a really good sport.  PS: That's my sister on the right side.

Monday's Song:
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More - Barry White



Lisa said...

I hope the tests find something you can adjust to help with the fatigue. Glad you are taking it seriously.

Meg said...

That's exciting that you have a race all picked out, how fun!! I'm also happy that you had yourself officially "checked out." I hope you can find some answers to your questions. Hugs to you!

Andrew Opala said...

great pace Irene

I hope they find something that you can do everyday to improve your fatigue and return to vigor!

Anne said...

Hopefully, the doctors figure out what's up with the fatigue.

You're doing great with the running...nice pace! Ugh about the shin splints though...hope that heals quickly.

Do take care Irene :)

Chris K said...

Hi Irene, Wow, another S.D. Running Blogger. Cool. I only know of you and my friend Meg who lives in Encinitas. I am a Follower now.

Black Knight said...

You made the right things: the tests, to keep on running and to book for the half. Good luck!

Aka Alice said...

Your fatigued run kicks my run's ass... (not to make fun of whatever it is that's making you so tired. I know you'll figure it out, but STILL!)

LOVE the pix from Glorietta Bay. Your BIL looks like he's having a great time.

Glad you got a good deal in Vegas. I'll be rooting for you!

Gotta go befriend Chris now :-). He has no idea, does he?

Jill said...

Look, I can comment from my computer at work :). YAY!!!

Thanks for the update, I hope and pray that everything is okay yet they can find an easy fix to the fatigue - I know that can't be easy. I am constantly fatigued but it's b/c I sleep like crap. The Vegas trip will be so fun for you to get away...you certainly have been tested this year, time for some FUN!!! :)


Anne said...

You're so right about the processing fees for online registrations becoming ridiculous.

Let's hope those blood tests reveal the source of your fatigue, and soon.

Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said...

That's really great that your are on your way back to running again. What a difficult time this has been for your.

I am hoping to do the Triple Crown, but wondering how I am going to keep training after the half program ends in December. I get lazy.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl... I ran Vegas last year as part of a JSF get-together. Good times. We did the smart thing and arrived the day before the race, then stayed for a week of drinking afterwards. The route itself is fun for the first half on the strip and a big desert of suck for the second half. Anyway, have a good time... I'll be running Marine Corps, NYC, and the Goofy at DisneyWorld this fall/winter! - PhillyDude