Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Shall Believe

I was hoping that with the start of school would mean time to catch up on blogging and checking in more regularly, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. I don't know whose idea it was to have school start the day after Labor Day, but it always makes for a very short and busy week.

Right after Labor Day, Hubs and I went to see Sheryl Crow in concert at Humphreys.  Most of the songs were from her new CD "100 Miles From Memphis, " but several of her well known hits were scattered through out the show.  The encore included her hit "All I Wanna Do" and a Michael Jackson tribute "I Want You Back."  She puts on a great show and we were in awe of her extremely talented band and back-up singers. Hubs is more of the Sheryl Crow fan than I am, but I had a lot of fun, too.

4th row, center.  
Hubs snapped this photo. 

Sheryl Crow is super fit, by the way.  She has some serious muscles, and looked fabulous.  You can't fake a healthy lifestyle, that's for sure.

I hooked up with Rehab United to train for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in December. I missed the first group strength training class because I had prior plans, but I made it to the first group run. There were only 7 of us for a 30 minute run, but several people were participating in other running and sporting events. We should see more people this weekend. I ran about 3.2  miles, but it felt like a lot more.

Running isn't as effortless as it should be these days.  I just can't fight the fatigue I've been dealing with all summer. I'd have a glimmer of energy for a day or two, but it doesn't last.  It's not like I haven't been running, I would do at least 4 to 6 miles for most of my Saturday runs while concentrating on building speed, plus do some high intensity interval training on the treadmill gym during the week, run at the bay or my neighborhood once or twice a week, and fit in a weekly session at RU. I believe this is something other than just a case of feeling burnt out and is not psychosomatic.  On top of the fatigue I've been dealing with a ridiculous case of shin splints in my left inner shin. Newbies get shin splints from wrong shoes, running too fast, far, too soon. I'm far from newbie status, but the shin splints started (a few weeks ago) when I was wearing heels, and would sort of go away after I warmed up while running. Now the shin is just constantly reminding me that it's there, warmed up or not. I'm doing all the stretches that I'm supposed to do, massaging it with the stick, plus ice. I even backed off running a bit last week. I'm not sure if the shin splint is a result of the fatigue I've been dealing with, but I have plans to call the doctor this week.  Good times.

In other news,  I just found out that I'm going to be a great aunt!  My niece is expecting her first baby in early December.  I'm not sure why things were kept secret for so long, but we're all excited.  My grandson is excited to finally have another kid in the family.

Wednesday's Song:
Be True To Your School - The Beach Boys - Run-DMZ



Deene said...

She does look great, my hub tried to get me and kid to go, too. We were only interested Colbie Caillet who was opening for her so none of us went when they performed here.

good idea to check with the dr. hope things get better soon.

Jill said...

So sorry about the fatigue and shins. Have you had hte fatigue tested for like fibromyalgia or similar? I don't know much about that area. I haven't had shin splints since I was in hs (I probaby jinxed that and will have it later this week...since it's the one ailment I HAVEN'T had) but I remember having to wear a heal cup to life my heel up. Which honestly makes no sense to me as that seems it'd stress the shin a little more. Hang in there girl...you're definitely been tested this year!!

I'm jealous over seeing SC live, so very neat! I've always aspired to have her well-cut muscles. One day??? I wonder how much she works out!!??


Andrew Opala said...

Crappy about the shin splints - but good news on the home front! I'm always afraid to read a post when there is a picture of a muscle or skeleton in it!

Lisa said...

have you been checked for anemia? might cause fatigue.

i actually had stress causing insomnia causing fatigue a few years ago. that's something else that comes to mind.

hope you get it figured out

Anne said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good and that your shins are giving you grief. Hopefully, the doc can help you feel like yourself again soon.

BTW, thanks for your encouragement through my own injury and rehab (and now re-rehab). I've made my decision regarding my marathon and will write all about it tomorrow :)

Joyce said...

I'd like to know what's the culprit behind your ongoing fatigue... As Lisa mentioned, getting checked for anemia is a good idea. I've had iron-deficiency related issues since childhood, and I have energy ups and downs, too. Hope you feel more revved-up soon!

Aka Alice said...

Lisa and Joyce took my guess. I'm somewhat anemic (you wouldn't believe it to look at me, huh?). Every now and then I have to eat spinach...just like Popeye. It helps

misszippy said...

Love Sheryl Crow!

I hate to be the one to say this...but are you positive it's not a stress fracture? Common place for it and kinda sounds like it. I hope it's not, but maybe check it out?

Black Knight said...

I like Sheryl Crow too. Sorry to hear that you don't feel good; I had a similar problem last month and it was a lack of vitamins. However I am lucky because my doctor is a running doctor and he always finds the solution. Best wishes and get well soon.

Stacey said...

I agree... Cheryl looks fantastic!

Hope you find out the cause of your energy issues :-)