Monday, September 06, 2010


Bullet Point Post*

  • Check out this giveaway over at Miss Zippy's blog for Sugoi compression pants.
  • The dog was (sort of) skunked (again.)  This time it was in our sun room.  We had to take everything out, hose it off, scrub it, bleach it, etc, then put it all back.  We may have to paint that room.
  • I signed up for the Shelter Island 5k on November 7, 2010,  The Carlsbad Half Marathon  on January 23, 2011,  and the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 17, 2011.   Also under consideration are  the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2010 and the AFC Half Marathon 2011.
  • I found ound a new running song, "Wheels" by Heart on their Red Velvet Car CD.
"Rain is humming 
The streets are running 
Underneath the neon lights. 
We run together 
We'll run forever 
Out of here 
Riding the wheels."
  • My sister and husband moved back to California this week. They now reside in Los Angeles and are so happy to be back in the state.
  • Concert in my kitchen last night:

  • Went running with Hubs:

A quiet morning at Hospitality Point.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought people, not cars, had the right of way on sidewalks. While running in my neighborhood last week I came justthisclose to getting hit by a car  on a sidwalk.  I was running on the sidewalk on a busy stretch of street  -- I figured it was safer.  The gentleman** who came to a screeching halt with in about 12 inches of me never once waved to acknowledge me or say he was sorry.  Not only do I have to watch for stray dogs, other people (runners, cyclists, weirdos, etc), cars on the street, cars backing up out of driveways, wild animals (they're out there, even in the suburbs),  uneven/cracked pavement, weird noises, etc, now I have to add cars driving on sidewalks to that list.  That mile was my fastest split because I was so shaken and it took a while to calm down.  I didn't wear my heart rate monitor that day, but I'm sure my heart rate would have been through the roof.  I guess you can never be too safe.
  • Remember that contest my nephew entered to win a spot as a candidate for job in advertising in New York? He didn't win the popularity vote, however, he's a strong contender as a finalist. Apparently, the advertising firm knew about my nephew before the contest, and in a good way. PS: He did get a job at a small firm in San Francisco.
  • Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday's Song:
In The Colors - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


*Unfinished business -- This was supposed to be a real post with one or two particular topics, not several.  My time for myself last week was interrupted, but for good things.


Jo Lynn said...

People driving their cars are only looking out for other people driving. It sucks but we always have to be on guard.

Black Knight said...

There are crazy drivers but also crazy runners. Few days ago I risked to hit some "collegues" who were making a tempo run without taking care of the traffic. They didn't get into the troubles only because I am a runner and I could foreseen their movements.
Many half-marathons in your plan!

Deene said...

ugh! who told him he could drive on the sidewalk?!! Last week a cyclist came up behind us on the sidewalk and said "excuse me" to pass, there were signs all over to dismount.

Jill said...

I don't know what people think sometimes when they're driving - obviously not about runners. I am the worst at not paying much attention and have had a couple close-calls. So glad your nephew got a job and just having come back from SF, that's such a great city!! And so happy for you that your sister is just a hop away now...when I read that, I just smiled cuz I know how excited you are about it! :)

Robin said...

Drivers are soooo..... mysteriously oblivious to runners/walkers! Grrrr....