Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Happens

I received almost ALL of my lab results back.  I'm still waiting to do the pulmonary tests in a few days.  Nothing unusual showed up which would explain my fatigue, but I was sort of stunned to see that my cholesterol was borderline high.  I exercise and run on a regular basis. My weight and BMI are within a normal range for my height. I eat really healthy 5 to 6 days a week, with a couple of splurges during the week, usually Thursday date night with Hubs and maybe a one meal splurge with breakfast or dinner on Saturday or Sunday.  I rarely eat foods that would cause my cholesterol to be high, and I eat a lot of foods that are supposed to help it stay low.  I'm perplexed, but genetics is a funny thing.

Saturday morning's group run with Rehab United turned out to be just Hubs and myself.  Everyone else had other plans or run events.  We ran from the RU 2 location near Sorrento Valley Road to the Coast Highway near Torrey Pines State Park and back.  Hubs has never run this route before and I needed to slow my pace so that he could keep me in sight, but it was just as well because of my shin splints.  We ran about 5 miles. Lucy says it was 4.9, but I forgot to hit the start button when we set out.

The novelty for the morning was sun.  All summer our runs have been with overcast skies.  We haven't had much of a Summer this year, and it figures that we're a few days into fall and we get hit with hot weather.  It was inching into the 80s by the time we were finished with our run.  I managed to get a decent photo of this stretch of run along the coast with my cell phone camera:

I almost forgot what clear skies looked like! It was gorgeous.
Here comes Hubs. He's wearing a blue shirt, almost in the center of the picture.

Just so you know, shin splints still suck. Shin splints make it hard to achieve runner's high.

My son turned 23 on Wednesday.  He didn't want a big to-do because he was volunteering at the food bank.  I made him chicken enchiladas with all the trimmings, which he later ate, and we still had a cake with candles and sang  "Happy Birthday To You" because we just HAD to.  Hubs made margaritas because I said he had to, and, well, why not?


Also on Wednesday, Evan came home from school with a different smile. It turns out one of his buddies at school assisted him by pulling out his dangle-y tooth.

I'm surprised Evan let his buddy pull out the tooth since he didn't let any of us near it.

A friend of ours, Tim,  is temporarily in town to say goodbye to his father who passed away last week.  I met Tim a zillion years ago at a church group function while in high school.  We dated for a few months until he thought he found the love of his life* and dumped me. It's just as well because Tim was a lousy boyfriend, but turned out to be a good friend, and I met Hubs through him.  Saturday afternoon we attended  a "Celebration of Life" for Tim's father instead of a funeral.  It was actually quite lovely.  Family and friends met at Tim's parent's house, and three military (Navy) personnel were there to present the flag and play taps. Tim,  his brother, and sister-in-law each said a few heartfelt words about their father, then we proceeded into the house for a reception, and to reminisce while viewing a slide show of happier times.  We were also able to catch up with friends from the past, such as the lady (who was the girl) Tim dumped me for, and other mutual friends. It was somewhat of a walk down memory lane.  It was a bittersweet event, not only because of the passing of Tim's father, but because his mother attended and is dealing with the latter stages of Alzheimer's disease.  It was the first time she had been back to the house in a few years, and will be the last because the house will be sold. It's hard to let go, sometimes, but there are always the memories.

Tuesday's Song:
Push - Matchbox Twenty


*She ended up dumping Tim for someone else and got married.  ;) ... and everyone sort of lived happily ever after.  Tim now resides in Texas and is happily married to his  lovely wife Kristi, and has two teen-aged children. Tim's family could not make the trip from Texas.


Kenley said...

Thanks for sharing. Will continue to pray for you in that situation. Nice "Group" run too. Those are some awesome views! Im jealous!

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos of your run locale this weekend.

Too bad nothing showed up on the blood work to explain the fatigue. Hope they find something that you can fix.

Deene said...

good photos from phone. it's good that you remain friends with the dumper.
hope the fatigue issues get diagnosed.

Glenn Jones said...

Gorgeous photos. And gauging by the temps yesterday - summer finally has arrived.

I know your cholesterol issue - I'm on meds. Yes. Genetics is a funny thing....

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Hope your remaining labs give a clue to the fatigue.
It is nice to catch up on the past sometimes, even when it is over a death.

Anne said...

Hopefully, they can help you figure out what the fatigue is all about. Too bad about the cholesterol...genetics indeed.

Great is so lovely where you run.

First lost tooth :)

I like the idea of a celebration of life...hugs.

Meg said...

Ahhh, I ran that portion of Torrey Pines on Sunday. It was perfect, that was before it got hot! Nice job getting out there early and having fun, despite the heat.
I loved that pix of Evan's missing tooth. I have a strange attraction to pulling teeth. I won't tell you how many I've pulled but it's more than 100. Seriously. Gosh, I've never put that in print, I hope I don't get arrested.
I hope you continue to feel better and can find some answers on the cholesterol!

Andrew Opala said...

Hang in there Irene. You have so many things to deal with - it's great that you have such a good outlook on life!

Aka Alice said...

I have only one thing on my mind today.


Take care. I miss you and hubbs!

Joyce said...

Me too on the borderline cholesterol readings - I got that result for my LDL when I was tested a few months ago! (My HDL and triglyceride readings were good,though). I think getting sufficient omega-3 levels are critical in addressing that issue, so I've been taking more fish oil supplements, and focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, such as green tea. Next time I get my blood analyzed is when I'll find out if my theory holds water, lol.

It's good that you were able to see an old friend, but it's unfortunate it happened under sad circumstances. Hope you're able to feel zippy again soon!!!

Black Knight said...

I hope you solve this problem very soon, anyway keep on running as you can and take it easy. I would like to run in the places on the pics. Indeed I visited CA but I didn't have any possibility to run outside the hotels. A late happy birthday to your son.

Anne said...

My husband is like you: exercises and eats well and still has high cholesterol. His requires medication, as does everyone in his family. Now we know why Lipitor is so popular.

And belated birthday wishes for E. I love that he was volunteering on his birthday.

Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said...

I hate shin splints. Man, I wish I knew how to get rid of them. You were smart to slow it down.

"It's just as well because Tim was a lousy boyfriend, but turned out to be a good friend, and I met Hubs through him."

Ha, ha! That made me laugh out loud. Funny how things turn out, huh? I actually met Mr. Bear through his ex-girlfriend I worked with in college.

Your pictures are great! Congrats on running in the heat. I opted for the gym this past weekend. I don't like the treadmill, but running in the heat is a tough one!

Chris K said...

Wow, you ran down by T.P. State Beach on Sat, Meg did, and guess what? I did too. Hot, hot, hot last week, eh? I run from my gym in Solana Beach down the Del Mar bluffs and along C.V. Road to the 5EVERY Saturday morning. I'll wear my black visor this Saturday - look for me :-)

iJuls said...

My eyes are still adjusting to the morning light/darkness so when I first read "Hubs," I thought you were calling him "Huba." It made me smile. Sending warm wishes that your health will come back into your happy zone. Easy on the shins.

Nancy said...

I'm enjoying following your blog. It's fun to hear about events and see pix of the west coast all the way over here in Maine. Check out my blog ( I gave your blog an award. I hope you figure out the fatigue thing soon.

chris mcpeake said...

Hope you get it figured out soon and get healthy again. good luck