Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Last week the it was the kid's turn to bring home Lion from school and report on what they did. The kids (or parents) are supposed to document Lion's visit in some way. We documented the visit with this photo:

Saturday's song:
Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull



Pat said...

you didn't take it on a run?

AKA Alice said...

Awwww...I LOVED those days :-)

The Tokens did it first, but I think another band did it when the Lion King came out, but I can't remember who...

KatieFeldmom said...

Very cute .... we had a turtle come home with us and I can't remember his name right now, but we had a great time entertaining him.

Deene said...

i like to sing along with that song but i don't know the artist.
lovely photo!

Dori said...

Oh, that is too sweet!

The lion reminds me of the Madagascar movie that I just saw. I love the "Move It" song in that movie.

Anne said...

He wasn't the original singer, but I listend to my "little record" by Robert John singing that song all the time as a kid.

Very cute photo, Irene.

Irene said...

Lion was only with us for the evening and had to go back to school before I went on my run. :) LOL.

AKA Alice,
Winner! My kids had some sort of Popsicle stick figure person when they were in school. I guess the stick was easier to transport...

I like when they do stuff like that.

It's a fun song!

The kid also has that movie, Madagascar. :) We sort of had to hide the moive...