Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Not Over

Sports Rehab.
3 rounds of:
Barbell squats - 85 pounds X 10 reps, burpees X 10 reps, walking squats (monkey walk) with a medicine ball, three types of lunges with about 10 reps each, one set had three different stances.

I am toast. Again.

Did anyone happen to catch Biggest Loser last night? I only watched the last half of it, but I caught the segment when the one contestant found out she had a hip fracture. That's pretty much what happened to me, but when I started hurting and sought medical advice, they misdiagnosed me, so my problem manifested itself to the point of needing surgery. I was glad they aired that piece because you never think something like that can happen to you, especially when you feel you've arrived. I'm glad they showed her moving on and doing well.

Here's the only picture from last week's run. No beautiful beach scene, just the streets of Del Mar. I don't know who the guy is.

Photo courtesy of the SDTC

Saturday's song:

Climb That Hill - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers



Dori said...

That was an inspirational video. But you're an inspiration, too, overcoming a hip fracture. Good job on the workout.

barbie2be said...

chris daughtry?

i haven't been watching BL this time around. sorry i missed it.

Anne said...

You know I can relate to what you said. As Dori mentioned, you're living proof that you can comeback from such a serious injury.

Melanie said...

ya, it's sad to see her go through the down-time of the fracture :( Hopefully she'll come back from it just as strong as you have!!

Michelle said...

Looking good Irene!!

AKA Alice said...

I LOVE that picture of you. You look like you're dancing :-)

Irene said...

You're too kind. Thanks for the encouragement and support, always!

Winner! I haven't been watching it either, but I was channel surfing and just happened to catch the scene where they said "hip fracture."

Yes, if anyone knows, it's surely you! What an ordeal, but you've come out of it, too. :)

It looks like she's doing just fine, now. :)

Hey Mama!

AKA Alice,
LOL... Really bad dancing! (That totally busts me up!)