Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Wind

I ran today!!! Finally!!! It was extremely windy here, still is, so it felt like I was running uphill the entire time. It took me about 59 minutes to run 5 1/4 miles, and normally (at an easy pace) it should take a little over 50 minutes, 52, 53 minutes or thereabouts. I ran at the bay, and the wind was so strong it was ripping frongs off of the Mexican palm trees... It felt good to run, even though it was a bear to run in the wind.

I also stopped by the other house today to see if I could get one last critter here. We've moved the dog and two of the cats, but my big boy grey tabby "Lumpy" (AKA Artemis) didn't want to move. He broke out of 3 cardboard carriers that would hold the "normal" kitty. He knows how to manipulate cardboard with his head... We had/have a proper small animal carrier but we either let someone else use it or it's lost in the vast vortex that is the garage, and right now I really can't spring for a new, Lumpy-proof, kitty carrier. I found a very large, cylindrical shaped basket with a lid that could fit a 5 year old. Lumpy couldn't break out of that basket, plus, it was secured with a resistance band. For such a big kitty, he sure hollered and moaned the whole 10 minutes it took me to drive down the interstate to the new house... What a baby. He's fine now, resting comfortably under my bed.

I hope the wind calms down. I keep expecting to see a cow blow by, a house, perhaps the Wicked Witch or Auntie Em...


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Miss Rachel said...

"Lumpy" looks a lot like my Trinka!

Song - I know of a song called "The Wind" sung by Laura Nyro.

Dori said...

Santa Ana's? They can be wicked, but good for you for running.

Lumpy looks like a very contented kitty. Sounds like you're all moved now. Congratulations!

Evelyne said...

Wow, that wind sounds rough! We've had a lot of wind lately too. I don't like it.

Lumpy looks like a great kitty. I have a kitty that totally hates car rides. The trip to the vet (which is only 10 minutes) is always an adventure. She cries the whole way too. Glad you are getting things settled.

smartypantz32 said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

Eileen said...

I used to have a female cat that looked just like your Lumpy. Her name was Unique...part of the cat duo called Monique and Unique. Funny that he kept busting through the carriers....and even funnier that it took one fit for a 5-year-old (I have one of those too and could probably put that carrier to good use).

Susan said...

Here is to a wonderful 2007!

Katie said...

Perty kitty-cat! So glad that you got him moved. Congrats on the run despite the wind. You still got out there and did it, so yay for you.

chantal2bfit said...

Cute cat! Great job on the run!

Anonymous said...

Great run! I used to love running in the wind - it gets to be all woman v nature, kinda old testament, except my ears would hurt... and what an adorable kitty!


barbie2be said...

pretty, pretty kitty. :)

Pamela said...

Been MIA.. just catching up..Looks like you've been a busy girl! Glad you've got moved & Kitty too! We've had bizarre amounts of wind up here too! .. hmmmm wonder what that is all about .. oh well for now have a very Happy New Year!

stzoo said...

The Wind... don't know it, but have it,lol. Must be the yogurt. Happy New Year and may your running shoes have wings. I hope mine do if I ever start running!

NotSoccer Mom said...

what a beautiful cat!

NotSoccer Mom said...

oh and i wanted to say i know all about that wind! wed is the day we drove from norcal to socal and almost got blown off of 101. stopped in pismo and almost got knocked off our feet! thank god it calmed down for legoland on thu and fri--they were gorgeous days.

shopper said...

But it would be a great excuse to buy some red shoes.....

Happy 2007!


Irene said...

Lumpy is one of those cats that will stay put once he gets comfy. The dog isn't even an issue for him. :) Hmmm, Laura Nyro? I don't think it's the same song... A man did the song in the '70's. :) Keep guessing!

It wasn't a Santa Ana... It was part of something that blew in from the north, but it sure was crazy! My cat sure was stubborn!

I'm glad that wind is past us, too!
Lumpy is a sweet kitty, however, he's got to be the biggest cry-baby!

There you are! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

I have another cat, Luna, that looks like lumpy, but she has white feet and she's the polar opposite of Lumpy -- high strung and skiddish! Ironically, she handled the move quite well!

Happy 2007!!!!! It's gonna be a great year!

I am so behind on my running/training, so it felt good to get in that run. :)

He's my big, lumpy baby! :)

Very old testament... :) And the ears WERE wind-worn and a little cold...

Lumpy is the one cat that always brings me "gifts." It's always a surprise to wake up to a small rodent next to my slippers or pillow. :)

Good to see you back! Maybe the wind is a good thing? I hope so! Happy New Year!

It must be the yogurt... LOL... Thanks, I would love some wings for my running shoes! Happy new year!

He has big green eyes, too ... :) That wind probably hit Northern Ca first. It was really something! Trees were being up-rooted and big rigs were getting tipped over! We had a gorgeous day on Friday, too!

Ohhhhh... Red sparkly ones!!! Good idea! Happy 2007!