Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Time

I found this meme on Notsoccermom's blog. Since I love Christmas music, this is a no-brainer, however, it was tough to just choose 5 songs. You just need to list 5 of your favorite Christmas songs and who does it. That's it.

1. Silent Night - I have yet to find a version I don't like of this song, so I'm not really listing a singer/band, however, Jewel does a version I really like.

2. Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry. I loved this song as a child. Still do.

3. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Gary Hoey. It's an instrumental electric guitar song that rocks and I love to dance around my house to! This song makes me wish I really knew how to REALLY play the guitar.

4. River by Joni Mitchel. I believe the intent of this song wasn't really for Christmas, but it's on my Christmas song compilation on the Ipod.

5. Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. Perhaps a lesser known Christmas song but it reminds hubbie and I of the college years.

Too bad I have to stop at 5. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!

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NotSoccer Mom said...

cool list! the original rudolph brings back so many good memories. mostly of waiting for that darn special to come on the tv!

Anne said...

Quite the eclectic list, Irene. Hope yours is a merry one. Will it be spent in the new house?

TasteTV, the Indie Food Channel said...

If you like great guitar, has a segment on what is called "The real Pick of Destiny, the Light Show Guitar Pick," that glows to the beat when you play with it. It's also supposed to make your performance more interesting, the sound quality better. You decide. It's cool either way. Watch it here on TasteTV.

FV Tom said...

What the heck is that above my comment?

Nice list. There are so many great Christmas songs.

barbie2be said...

hmmm... the only song i know called christmas time is by the backstreet boys and somehow, i doubt that's the one you are referring to.

i can hear another song in my head from the charlie brown christmas show... is that the one?

christmas time is here.... blah, blah, blah blah blah...

Miss Rachel said...

I love all sorts of Christmas music too. I think my favorite album is Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift for You. It's hard to say though because it depends on my mood. I have River on a little "blue Christmas" (a few sort of sadder songs about the season) mix on my iPod.

I have been wanting to say hi for a while but have been having trouble posting comments due to the dreaded Blogger Beta.

KatieFeldmom said...

Great List! I'm having difficulty getting into the spirit, so I think I will download your songs and see how that helps me.

Dori said...

Like Katiefeldmom, I'm also having a tough time getting into the season. And with Christmas music starting at Halloween, I'm sick of Christmas music. I still have a soft spot for Silver Bells, though.

Happy Anniversary. :-)

shoppergirl said...

I love CHristmas music too! (Year-round!)

Merry Christmas!

chantal2bfit said...

Merry Christmas

Cathy said...

Merry Christmas Irene!
Hope you and yours have a great one.

Irene said...

LOL... There's a local radio station that always plays a "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" trivia bit. :)

A couple of years ago our family made up our own compilation Christmas songs CD to give out as gifts. Ironically, it was called "An Eclectic Christmas." The tough part was trying to figure out song order, since the songs were so different. Oh, and yes, we're here in the new house!

Taste TV,
Thanks for visiting! I'll definetly check out your site!

Another comment??? ;) Teehee... Any who, it was tough to pick just five songs. I'm always finding new favorites.

Winner! It was the one from the Charile Brown special. Hahahaha - Blablablablabla... :0

I've been busy, so I haven't been able to get any computer time until just about now. I'll have to check out Phil Spectors' Album. I'll check Itunes for it. :)

I hope you were able to get into some Christmas fuzzy warm feelings. ;)

Since I work on call, I don't get bombarded with Christmas music at work right away... I love Silver Bells, too. I reminds me of dancing with my mom when I was about 7 years old or so. Oh, thanks on the anniversary! :)

I'm a sucker for Christmas music. I purchase at least one new Christmas CD every year. This year I purchased the one Sarah Maglaughlin (sp) put out this year.

Hi and Merry Christmas, too!

Merry Christmas to you, too! So far, it's wonderful. :)