Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Happy belated Christmas!

Life has been a whirlwind of busy here. In addition to moving, Christmas, and everyday stuff, the dog had an Addisons's crash and had to go to the vet SEVERAL days in a row. Sheesh, I wish my dog was on our medical insurance plan because it sure cost a bunch in medications, IV's and vet time.... I told hubbie NOT to get me ANYTHING for Christmas because of the vet bills. The dog is doing much better now.

Most of the house is moved and there are still boxes about. Hubbie and I had a flash back to Christmas past. We were up until 2:30 am putting a tricycle together and cleaning the part of the house where the Christmas tree is so that Christmas morning wouldn't be so chaotic. Oh, the tricycle was a hit. my grandson LOVED it because it has Lightning McQueen on it from the movie "Cars." Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Since the Friday before Christmas, my eating has gone by the wayside. I was doing okay until then. I'm too chicken to weigh myself right now, and TTOTM is near too. I can still fit into my skinny jeans but if I don't stop delving into the Harry & David basket someone sent us (and it's one of the big ones) the I'll be in trouble.. Tomorrow is a new day and I need to do a long run, something over 5 miles. The trick is getting out of the front door...


Hubbie did get me some new running socks, and Adidas jacket and a biking top that we see a lot of runners wear -- It has a zipper pouch on the back. I love new workout clothes, oh, and my Hubbie, too


Miss Rachel said...

Happy belated Christmas. I'm glad everything worked out, but I know those vet bills can be huge. Peace to you too.

shoppergirl said...

That picture of Lightning looks cool. You've been busy. You need a holiday now to get rested. ;)

barbie2be said...

sounds like a busy but satisfying holiday.

i know exactly what you mean about the eating though... and i have an additional problem. i am on steroids so i feel like i just can't stop shovling food in. i think i have gained 10 lbs in the last 2 weeks. :(

but i have a goal for the next 6 months. i want to train for and do a half marathon.

Anne said...

What I wouldn't give to have the gift of skinny jeans that fit! Here's hoping we get to meet at a local race in 2007.

Irene said...

The dog is doing great. You know it's a good day when she goes outside to roll on the lawn. :)

I found the pic on Photobucket... My grandson LOVES the movie cars and all cars. I posted that picture for him. Yeah, I do need an extra holiday... LOL.

The steroids would throw a kink into the mix. I have a niece who has the same issue. Did you ever find a half marathon you want to do? Keep me posted!

Those jeans are the ones I measure myself by. If I can zip them up, it's a good day. Yes, I hope we can run together in 2007! Any plans to do the SDRNR in '07?