Monday, November 06, 2006

Rock The House

I am sore.

I've spent the weekend sanding floors. It feels as if I've been doing squats and some sort of arms/shoulders work out all weekend, but with a belt sander. Weekend nutrition was decent and I made sure I had plenty of water. I had intended to do at least a 2.5 mile run in my neighborhood yesterday, but I ended up returning to the house for more labor intensive floor sanding. Older wood flooring does not sand as easy as "newer" wood flooring does, so it takes time. I did get to stay at the house long enough to see a gorgeous sunset. Today is an off day. I do have that Shelter Island 5K event this weekend so I do need to plan a couple of easy runs this week, just so that run isn't so tough.

It's unseasonably warm here today. In my neighborhood it's probably around 85 to 90 degrees and DRY... It's supposed to be getting a little cooler here and perfect for Southern California running weather... Is this global warming? Perhaps. All's I know is that there isn't enough lotion to make my skin not feel so dry and itchy...

Congratulations for those runners who participated in the New York Marathon yesterday! A shout out to Sister Smile for a fantastic finish!



Anonymous said...

Hello- thanks for stopping by my blog. I would give anything for your weather. It was 17 here the other morning. I love John Bingham too!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Irene! That's so kind of you.

I admire you for knowing *how* to sand. I figured it couldn't be that hard. By the time I realized how much damage I had caused, it was too late so I just polyed it over and to this day try not to look at it. It's on the list of things to get a professional to fix, and it is going to cost me $$$$$! Where did you learn to do that stuff? I never did and I think that's a huge disadvantage.

Irene said...

Hi Waddler,
I followed "Marathoning for Mortals" when I trained for my first marathon. I know, I'm so spoiled with my weather, but running in over 90 degree weather is just ridiculous, even though I see people running in that heat all the time...

Sister Smile,
SOME DAY I'll run in the NYM... Just watching the highlights on the news the next morning made me want to be there, too. The floor thing... Well... we've had our share of errors as well. We've been through the sanding floors at a previous house, plus I've picked up a lot of tips from all of those home improvment shows on TLC and from H and G TV. Sanding is the one thing I sort of like because I can sorta do it well. I don't trust my hubbie at it... He's a better painter, though. Painting (for me)is a whole other story. Ick. ;)