Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Little Wing

The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon Race Report or Color Me Surprised

I missed the track club's warm-up and stretch because I waited in the port-o-potty line, but Hubs attended, and this is what it looked like:

Coach Paul in the center with the bull horn, making a difference...

I must have been in line at the port-o-potty for a little over 45 minutes. While I was In line we listened to the National Anthem then the gun went off. I wasn't too worried because I was in corral 13, but when I was done taking care of business, Hubs and I RAN to corral 13, which moved up to about three corrals away from the start:
We made it to corral 13 with just enough time to set Lucy.  Notice that there's not a cloud in the sky.  The forecast called for overcast skies and drizzle. I was hoping for overcast skies, which makes for a more comfortable run. 

  Photo op just seconds before the start.

I had a consistent pace through out the race, and I felt pretty good the entire time, never felt like I was struggling, never had any pains.

I don't have a mile to mile synopsis, but I always find it a novelty running on a freeway on ramp and on a freeway event though the road was cambered. I saw AKA Alice somewhere between mile 11 and 12, where we passed each other going opposite directions, just about the same place we found each other last year.  It was so good for my psyche when we spotted each other and gave each other a hug!  It was what I needed to power through the last mile.  I managed to high five as many people as I could at the last mile.  I had some fuel in the tank to sprint at the end, but I was blocked by a line of Elvis runners, perhaps about 10 abreast, which made sprinting around them difficult, but I managed to find an opening and ran through.

My goal time was 2:20.  I haven't been training for anything faster than a 2:20 finish time.  Once I ran to the finish, received my medal, water, post race hummus and pita chips and other goodies, I took a look at my Garmin and saw:

"No way" was the first thing I said.  I thought Lucy was broken.
It reads 2:17:59.  Yes, when I looked at it, it was that fuzzy.  Welcome to my visual world without reading glasses. Amazingly, the palm tree in the background is clear.

I made my way to the track club tent and waited for Hubs and friends to finish.

Me, Mik, Kat, Kate, AKA Alice.  Yes, I know.  There was a water drop on the lens, but this was the only picture of the group that worked.

Cheesy photo op

The group decided to go for breakfast. Hubs and I originally wanted to go, but Hubs was denied his beer at last year's marathon, and wanted to get his free beer first, then catch up with the group.


After the beers, Hubs and I went back to the track club tent and thought our friend Rich would be finished. He was expected to run the marathon in about 4 hours. We saw many of his running friends who run at his pace, but no Rich. I had received text messages about his progress through out the race, and he WAS on track to finish in about 4 hours. We received a progress text when he reached 20 miles and figured the time he'd come in. We decided to wait since we knew he was near, but we waited, and waited... Then we worried...

Almost an hour past Rich's ETA, I received a text that he finished in 5:09:30, then I received a text from Rich saying that he blew out his IT band or knee. Hubs and I decided to wait for him to make sure he was OK. After a little time at the track club tent and being stretched by a chiropractor, Rich felt better, and was able to walk without limping.

Stephanie, Rich, Me, Hubs.  Yep.  post marathon temporary carnage on the ground.  Stephanie didn't run the marathon and is recovering from a hip issue similar to what I went through, but her doctors caught it before it became something much worse.

Once Rich was ready, Hubs and I walked about a half mile to a spot where our son could come pick us up, and ended up at the High Dive for a post race celebration.  We didn't get pictures at the High Dive, but it was busy with post race patrons enjoying adult beverages...

After we were back home, I verified my finish time.  My official time was 2:17:53.  I need to shave off  4 minutes and 43 seconds to PR, but my time on Sunday sure felt like a PR since I trained for a slower time.  It felt as if I broke through a barrier.  Perhaps it was just the barrier in my head.

By the way, Hubs PRed yet again.  He finished in 2:27:28.

FYI  - The post race area was greatly improved over last year.  The parking lot had been repaved and trees had been planted.  Umbrellas for shade and tables were placed through out.  There were more concessions, and it seemed like there was more than enough transportation to get people out of the venue in a timely manner.  The atmosphere was much more pleasant than last year's dirty and broken auxiliary parking lot.  As for the race, the route was improved upon in some areas such as less time on Fiesta Island, but some areas did not have enough and/or proper signage, or enough people directing, causing a few marathoners to be in the marathon route.

As of right now, I have plans to run this half marathon again next year. 

Since I dedicated this Half Marathon to My friend Michelle, I added the Santana/Joe Cocker version of the song "Little Wing" to my iPod 2011 run play list. Michelle loved Santana, and especially loved that version of the song.

"Fly on, little wing."

Song from Saturday, May 28, 2011
Thirteen - Big Star - Miss Rachel



Aka Alice said...

You had a spectacular run and I am not at all surprised that you did so well. You are a very strong runner and have much faster times in you.

Thank you so much for training and running with me these past weeks Irene. I know that part of the reason I ran so well on Sunday, is because I'd been running with you!

Here's to more sweaty hugs!

Anne said...

High fives to both you and Michael! I'm glad to hear there were some improvements - the reviews to date online were not as complimentary. And I'm with you on the freeway part - something only Californians can truly appreciate.

Anne said...

Woohoo! Congrats to the both of you on your PRs!

Chris K said...

Just read Alice's report. Looks like you guys both had good races. Glad to hear about the improvements this year. Congrats to the fierce Aztec (Hubs) for his PR. Aztecs Fight!

Black Knight said...

Congrats on both of you; glad to know that you didn't have pain and that you rule at home (you are the fastest!!!!!).
It looks like a hot day.
Great pictures.

Nitmos said...

Awesome! Always nice to get one of those "Suprise! A PR!" moments. Soooooo much nicer surprise than "I'm pregnant!" Congrats.