Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feelin' Alright

(Is that a bit redundant?)

Now that the post race glow (sweat) is gone, I've had a little time to think about my 13th half marathon.

First of all, there are no glorious photo finishes of just me running through or anywhere else on the race course. I also have photo proof that the group of Elvises (Elvi?) could outshine a girl in day glow-green.    Here's what I've got:

 This one is sort of OK. Just in case, I'm the one in the day glow tank top, right on the 5k marker.

 I'm *just* to the right of the group of Elvises. They were stopping for photo ops  with other people during that stretch of the race, making it HARD for me to even pretend to look like Kara Goucher for that last .1 mile. 

 I wanted to look like this.

 This is as  good as it gets!

This is the post race photo op that I almost didn't stand in line for:

Happy to have my third fastest half marathon  in the books!

It turns out that this was my third fastest half marathon.  My official PR is 2:13:11, which was Silver Strand 2007.  Second fastest was also at Silver Strand 2009, clocking in at 2:13:30.  I never would have guessed that last week's half marathon would rank third fastest thus far at 2:17:53.  I'm thinking another Silver Strand half marathon is in my future, but I'm not sure about this year. This year isn't about speed.  It's about being conservative and not pushing myself so hard that I yield to injury. 2011 is all about cruising.

I wonder if it's possible for me to cruise and PR? Perhaps it is.  Hubs is cruising and PRing just about every race he's been in for the past year, even with foot issues.  Speaking of Hubs, here's his glorious race action photo:

Hubs, early in the race, near the Aerospace Museum at Balboa Park.

Soon after the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll event, I celebrate a birthday.  I kind of wish my birthday would fall right on race day, but the logistics never seem to work out, but it's OK.  My birthday falls during post race recoup week, and that sort of gives me an excuse to throw caution to the wind, relax and wear balloon hats.

Balloon hats only after martinis.

I celebrated with these guys... 

 The Kid and The Dancer

The Guitar Hero
 (Fuzzy, but The Kid was the photographer)

Me & Hubs 
(From The Kid's perspective)

We celebrated my birthday at the Corvette Diner, a throw back to the 1950s and  1960s, which was  Hubs idea, since we wanted to include The Kid and still enjoy adult beverages.

Of course I made a wish!   
All is good.  The martini glass IS empty.

Tuesday's Song:
Little Wing - Originally by Jimi Hendrix, redone by Santana featuring Joe Cocker



Anne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Irene!
Congrats on a great race! :)

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday and congrats again on the race.
Looking at the bibs and the pictures it looks like a very crowded race: not the best situation to break a PR....but you almost did...
Have a good sunday.

Lisa said...

great job on the half marathon!! Woot!

Jenn said...

CONGRATS! Who would want to look like Kara running anyway? I much prefer my distressed about to give birth, collapsed form to that! Love the pics.

Happy Birthday!

Meg said...

How fun, I loved being hassled at Corvette Diner, such fond birthday memories. It looks like you had a fun half, I looked for you!!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Irene!

And is the song in the title by Joe Cocker?!

Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday and
Thanks for the good and interesting pictures.
Congratulations on your fast half marathon.

misszippy said...

Happy belated birthday! I love those drinks...where can we get those?!

Jill said...

Happy late birthday, girl!!! I remember last year your bday being in June but I had forgotten when! You look awesome in that birthday hat, it is soooo you! :)

Congrats on your 3rd fastest 1/2 - that is awesome! I hope you had a wonderful trip and got lots of rest after!!!

Chris K said...

Happy Birthday Irene.

I haven't been to the new Corvette Diner. I did like the feel of the old one in Hillcrest.

E-Speed said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Glad to see you are so far successfully cruising through the year. My husband has decided to join the jogging ranks and like yours is also the family member setting PRs right now. It's fun to be a part of :)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Love the race photos but the commentary was even better :)