Sunday, January 30, 2011


I keep coming up with plenty of blog fodder, but I no longer have the luxury of the extra time I once had.  There are few gaps of free time, and what ever free time I do have is spent sleeping at night.  I  kind of like sleeping at some point during my week.

While I wasn't sleeping, I actually got off of work on time to attend another Runner's World shoe test distribution.  I showed up late and was at the back of the line, just sort  of keeping my fingers crossed that a shoe in my size would be left just for me.  By the time I made my way to the front, there were no size 7s at all, just 8s and 9s.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, someone brings back a pair of 7s that were too small for her.  It turns out that shoe happened to be a neutral cushioned shoe.  Score!  I came away with a pair of Reebok (Premier) Zigblades.

These funky looking shoes are comfortable and are quite the conversation starters,  however, the soft insole makes my foot slide around a bit, contributing to blisters.  This shoe did not have the extra eyelet at the top, which would have helped to make the shoe more stable.  I've run about 40 miles in these shoes, and it was on my 7 mile run where blisters became an issue.  This is an almost perfect shoe.  If they could keep the comfort  and address the slipery-ness , then they'd have something pretty special.  I'm also not big on the white vinyl as a design element, as well as the hot pink.  If I were to buy a pair of these shoes, I would go for a black pair, or something less obvious. These shoes scream "look at me!!!"

A short while back, Nitmos posted a picture of his computer space, you know, the place where all the magic happens, and invited others to do the same.  I did no prepping or cleaning.  I just kept it the way it looks right now, which is not as clean as I'd like, but cleaner than I've seen it in a while.

Not very magical bills to be paid, sitting before me...

That's Shep.  He's a Happy Meal toy that I've adopted, and he lives on the top of my computer screen.  If he were a Hotwheels toy, he'd be under the cushions of the sofa, along with several marbles, a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and my husband's cell phone.

Found this fortune in a cookie right before a big race, probably one of the races I did during the year after major surgery.  I stuck it to the monitor frame and it has been there ever since. I know, it's cheesy, but it gave my psyche a boost.

Then there's this one. There's so many way to interpret this fortune. I've used this on my Facebook profile page.

The computer area is in somewhat of a wide hall area between the kitchen and the designated garage area, which is now a bedroom. It's not the best place for a computer area, but it's the only place that seems logical right now, until money falls from the sky and we can afford a second story master bedroom suite addition, and a designated office space with room for a decent desk and my artwork.

Cookies.  I was craving cookies in a big way, but there were no cookies in the house.  I was considering baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies, but I have piles upon piles of laundry to get through first  Suddenly, the doorbell rings.  It's four Brownie Girl Scouts, a mom,  and a little red wagon full of boxes of cookies.  You JUST cant say no to four adorable 3rd graders, their mom and a wagon full of boxes of cookies. I bought 5 boxes.

Girl Scout Cookies Pictures, Images and Photos

Craving crisis averted.  The Dulce de Leche cookies took care of the craving.  The Thin Mints are in the freezer for later.The Samoas , Lemon Creams, and Trefoils might last through the week, provided I hide them. I have a distinct feeling that these cookies won't make it past Wednesday, February 2.
Wednesday's Song:
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misszippy said...

That is some serious girl scout cookie scoring! Nothing wrong with helping a good cause! ; )

Meg said...

GS cookies never last in our house and there are only two of us...pretty sad!!

Anne said...

I like the Panda Express fortune cookie message you keep on your computer monitor. And I would have a hard time running in public with those shoes, free or not. But, on the same note, I know of plenty of women who would love to wear them.

And, I think there's a commercial featuring the song "Awake" by Godsmack. Were you thinking of the same one?

Anonymous said...

Now see. I like the pink!!! Those shoes look cool.

Black Knight said...

I have never seen those kind of shoes but they looks comfortable.
I like the mosquito quote.

Glenn Jones said...

Just keep the peanut butter sandwich cookies (Savannahs) away from my reach! If you hear a sucking noise, I found some and I'm inhaling them.

Pink Granite said...

Love the pink ripply soles on those Reeboks!
- Lee
P.S. Thin Mints rock!