Saturday, January 08, 2011

Can't Find My Mind

For everything I know, there's always something new to learn.  Such is life, right?  Just about everything I knew has changed.  I haven't been out of the loop all that long, but time and technology marches on, and a lot of the changes were made over the past three years.  Then there's the thing about having to remember everything I did know that still applies now.  My brain is on overload, and I haven't even begun to study for the certification tests. 

Today was the first day of the track club's Rockin' 'n' Runnin' program.  I'm perfectly fine being in the "C" group, which is the 9:30 m/m people and SLOWER.  Each year our groups (A, B and C) are named after Rock groups.  Last year "C" group was the Kinks. (I think)  The year before that we were Air Supply (which most of us were insulted by).  This year  "A" group is Tears For Fears,  "B" group is Kiss and "C" group is The Cramps.  Perfect.  Love it.  I'm proud to be a "C" grouper.  Turns out one of The Cramps songs is on my running play list, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns."

The run wasn't anything to write home about.  Really.  I probably should have run with the B group (7:30m/m to 9m/m) only because they ran longer, about 6 to 8  miles.  Our group ran only 2.5 miles around the track, and that included the warm up run.  It took that brief run to start feeling like I had my groove, and it wasn't difficult.  The shins were a little twingey, but not bad. There's always tomorrow. I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks. This one month taper was a bit too long... 

Oh, yeah, the Garmin wasn't working.  Yes, it showed the time, but when I decided to hit the start button it went blank.  It turns out that it was hooked up to the charger, but not plugged in.  Go me.  Coach Paul shouted out times as we ran by, so I probably ran about a 9:45 m/m average, just cruising and chatting with a few of my fellow track club members.

In other news, my Keurig started doing things I didn't want it to do, such as making my cup runneth over, or not filling it at all.  After chatting with a lady in customer service*, they're sending me a new unit. No charge.  Sort of.  I have to send them the k-cup holder from inside the unit and an authorization number to receive full credit.  No biggie.  Postage is cheap.

I guess this is one of those instances where it was good to REGISTER my appliance.  Most people don't take the time to register their small appliances.  Oh, and Keurig's customer service person was easy to work with.  This was just an FYI, in case you run into this same issue, provided you own one of these or know someone who does.

Song from Saturday, January 1, 2011:
Good Riddance -Green Day - Katiefeldmom


*...AND taking it apart per her instructions ala McGuyver, poking around a few "ports" with a paper clip, then turning it back on, only to find that it didn't heat the water and still overfilled my cup.


Jill said...

Ok, I'm registering my new washing machine I got for Christmas tonight!! The registration has been sitting on my counter for TWO weeks. :/

I love that you name your groups, and I love the names - though to be honest, I've never heard of The Cramps and thought that might be bad Karma - ya know, no one wants a cramp while running and all! Ha. I'd have to go with Tears for Fears and be crying just cuz I'd never be able to keep up more than a 1/4 mile!!

I have a problem with my Garmin dying if I throw it in my gym bag - like it hits something on the side and drains all it's energy or something. Not really sure, but it is so frustrating. Glad your coachie was there giving ya splits!!

Glad the shins are quasi-behaving and I hope only SUCCESS running this year!!

Meg said...

How exciting that RnR is starting already!! I love it because new peeps show up at the NC Track and it's so much fun!
I love this time of year, see you soon!

Flo said...

Okay, I am lusting after a Keurig and you are the only one I've heard of who has one. Tell me how awesome it is. Do you love it??? I want one so bad.....

Lisa said...

cute how your run club names the different groups.

Anne said...

I'd totally be a Cramp too :)
We have an espresso machine and I think it's registered...I love it!

Aka Alice said...

Cramps? I wonder if Paul knows some of these bands. I'm not so sure that Cramps is much better than Air Supply ((sigh)).

I'm completely amused that one of your running play list songs is "Bikini Girls." On Saturday, I'll bring a Heffersrun CD for you!

I am so glad I registered my dreadmill when I bought it. I'm going to get a new deck and belt for it now!

Irene said...

Flo - It's good for us, with everyone on a different schedule. I used to make a full pot with the regular coffee maker, and sometimes I would be the only one drinking coffee, and it was such a waste. This way, everyone gets their own whey they want it.

Chris K said...

Air Supply? Seriously? That must have been tough for someone like you who has a very refined taste in Rock & Roll.

Nitmos said...

EVERYTHING works when struck with a tire iron. Trust me.

Joyce said...

It's cool how your groups are organized by band names! I'd love to be in the Cramps, since I like them best out of all the bands given. ;)

Good thing the Keurig was repaired, too. I'm nothing without my coffee maker, LOL!!