Friday, August 06, 2010

Missed Opportunity

Somehow, I completely missed making note of my 1000th blog post.  Now it's at 1012.  How did THAT happen?  I missed it. I was planning on doing a look back at some of the highlights (and low-lights) of what I've posted since day one and maybe even do a give-away. Maybe I'll make up a new landmark number and celebrate that.  Hmmmmm.

I haven't been blogging much about running, but that's going OK.  I'm back in the mid 9m/m to high 9 m/m range without feeling like I want to hurl.  Honestly, it is a little bit of a push, but I'm not killing myself, either.  My long runs are still about 6 miles or under and I'll be adding more mileage as fall rolls around. I'm posting on Daily Mile, which automatically links to Facebook and Twitter.

Bryan has written out a workout/run schedule for me.   I'm trying to adhere to it as best as possible, but I'm just not feeling the bike love. He has me on a bike once or twice a week. I use the craptastic upright stationary bikes at my gym, which are certainly not contributing to my bike love. Last week I rode for 40 minutes and the readout said I went about 26 miles. This week I rode 45 minutes with the same intensity and the readout said I went 16 miles. WTF?  In addition, the upright bikes are scattered through out the gym and not all in one place with the rest of the cardio equipment, as if that's supposed to make us not notice how crappy the bikes are. I've mentioned before, but the good bikes are all in the spin class section in another room and cannot be used unless you're in a spin class. The spin class times don't work for me.  Bryan suggested using the elliptical, but I'd much rather run up and down stairs for an hour, use the Stairmaster, or even slam my hand in a door* before even considering an elliptical. The elliptical is my least favorite piece of gym equipment. I'll use it if I have to, but I'd prefer not to. Now I'm 'trolling the net for upright stationary bikes.

This weekend Hubs and I are going on a  staycation. We have dinner/room/concert tickets at Humphrey's by the Bay once again.  This time it's for Ringo Starr. Even though we purchased these tickets back in April, the timing of this little respite couldn't be more appropriate.  Honestly, we could use a week or more, but an escape for an overnight is just fine with us.

Live at the Greek Theatre 2008

Wednesday's Song:
Courage To Grow - Rebelution


*A bit dramatic, but you get the idea.


Jill said...

I've been doing the elliptical tainer this past week due to the little fact I can't run with my heel and OMG, shoot me - BORING!! I've also been going to cycling class and do like that, but I'm so out of cycling shape. Pathetic!! I can't believe you have a 1000th blog already - so cool!! I look forward to an awesome giveaway, which I'm sure you'll rig so I can win :). Happy weekend, girl!! And so glad the running's going ok. That's progress, yes!!

Lisa said...

I don't even know how many posts I've done. The fact that you have even a clue is something I find impressive.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Pink Granite said...

Congratulations on your 1000+ blog post!
That is no small feat.
Enjoy all aspects of your getaway weekend!

Aka Alice said...

I cannot stand stationary bikes and of the two, I'd go for the elliptical every time. I try to run on them without holding on... It helps, but my toes still fall asleep. Why is that?

Congrats on 1000+

LOL at all the google ads for stationary bikes that are in front of me now :-))

Joyce said...

Given a choice btw. the elliptical and the stationary bike...I'd rather do sprints with a heavy weight attached to my back, LOL. I hope you enjoyed your weekend getaway!

buryblue said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog I think I am experiencing green shoots of recovery after long term injury anyway I have got everything crossed at the moment! Fitflops have been great and I would highly recommend.

I can see you are into your music and running I like your idea of naming your posts with song titles. I will be interested to see how you liked Ringo Starr.