Saturday, March 20, 2010


Since I'm out of the run for a month +, I took pictures of the runners and scenery at today's 2 hour marathon pace run, at Hospitality Point.

Just after 7 AM, anxiously waiting to start the clock.

Lone runner, heading into the sunrise.

A beautiful Spring day in San Diego.

Michael and Tara encouraging each other.

Since I couldn't run today, I invited my friend Rich to run in my place. He had a really good run, and did about a half marathon distance in about 1:50!

AKA Alice looking strong, and managed to hand off a couple of bandaids to me (while running) for Michael, who was plagued with blisters.

Other stuff:

This foot injury is annoying. I know, that goes without saying, but last night I had a mini meltdown because, well, it hurt so much. I think I normally handle pain OK, do a lot of breathing techniques and do the R.I.C.E. thing. It's the freekin' little boot that's making me hurt. It makes my entire foot want to go flat, since the inside of the boot is as flat as a board, and I have super high arches. I realize I need to keep the foot stable, but I sort of feel like it's defeating the purpose, since it's causing me pain elsewhere. Orthopedics also gave me a big black "Frankenstein" boot with 8 giant Velcro straps that goes almost up to my knee. They gave that to me for even more stability if needed, but it's sort of overkill. I put in a call to my doctor's office today for some pain meds. I know I was pretty happy not needing pain meds at the start, but after a full day of wearing that short bootie, my entire foot, ankle and parts of my leg really hurt. Thank goodness they OKed an Rx for Darvocet. The hubs is picking that up tonight. *sigh of relief* Today I wore my old Pearl Izumis, which offered plenty of support, and I didn't feel like crying after spending the morning with the track club. I also iced the foot and sat with it up for a long while once we returned home.

Since this injury I've been eating crap. The healthy lifestyle I've been adhering to for the past 10 years has flown out the window. It's not a emotional issue, it's just that crap food is what everyone is bringing home since I don't feel like making meals at the moment. Meh. I've had my share of burgers, high carb, high sugar foods, nothing super healthy. I'll get back on the bandwagon again, in about a week.

AKA Alice reminded me about the Nike 2010 Women's Marathon & Half Marathon sign-ups. I received the e-mail reminder from Nike, but that was about the time I found out about my foot, and my mind wasn't all there. I'm gong to attempt AGAIN to get into the half marathon. I've only gotten in once, in 2007, and have tried every year since then to get back in. Maybe this is the year? I hope so.

Wednesday's Song:
Give Peace a Chance - John Lennon, Plastic Ono Band



Aka Alice said...

This is our year to get in to the Nike Women's 1/2 Irene...I just know it.

It so sucks about your foot...I just had to say it.

Hope the Bandaids helped Michael's blister. You took some great pix with your very serious camera!

Anne said...

Can you put in an OTC insole with a high arch to help with the pain management? I'm thinking of Sof Soles or Superfeet - just to help a little. The foot's still stable that way.

Lisa said...

Those are great photos. :-)

Best wishes with your foot to heal quickly and stop hurting!

And fingers crossed that you get into the nike half...

Lisa said...

Those are great pictures.

I am really sorry that you are in so much pain. I was also wondering if you could use some sort of insole inside the boot.

Meg said...

Yes, I agree...this is the year for Nike, you and Alice! Hang in there, you're doing MUCH better than I would! I love the pictures of the run, by the way!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great pics! I especially like the lone runner one! My fingers are crossed for you for Nike!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I hope your pain subsides soon! Great pics.

how to do said...

thanks for your work

Joyce said...

If I lived closer, I'd be giving you healthy meals of lentil stew, and baked apples. :)

I loved the photos, and hang in there!! I cringed when you described the pain... Foot pain is up there with tooth pain, just total "ugh." And maybe this is the year you get into the half.

Southbaygirl said...

I know how you feel-it sucks when you cant run! It feels like you cant do anything so why not eat!! Been there!!

I got the group email about the Nike Womens race-I'm going to try again! I've never gotten in!!

Jill said...

Well girl, sounds like you need a hug! I ate your same crap all weekend and my pants wouldn't button today. Gotta kick yourself sometimes but dang it tastes sooooo good! I'd love to do the Nike Woman's full next year, I didn't realize it was a lottery :(. Sending speedy healing and recovery vibes to you...along with a big e-hug!

Anonymous said...

thanks Irene. Do you mind telling me what symptoms you were having. My doc thinks in a week or two he might send me for an MRI for a labrel tear. I've done that test before and because of the insertion of the contrast dye and my tendency to's not pleasant. I dont think he's even thinking it could be stress fracture. Maybe I'll ask him about it on Friday.