Monday, March 08, 2010


I haven't been much for blogging lately, and I'm not sure why. Well, that's not completely true. I do know. I'm still getting back in the groove of things now that I'm feeling better. It could also have something to do with not having a lot of computer time, either. It's hard to write anything when there's a 6 year old hovering right behind me wanting to have his turn on line.

I've been back on track with working out and running. I'm able to put forth the effort, but I'm toast afterward. Under normal circumstances a workout or run will energize me. I'll get it back.

While I'm on the subject of running, I ran in the annual Sue Krenn 15K on Saturday. I had a very good run that morning.
  • I wasn't sick
  • I remembered my hydration belt and iPod.
  • It wasn't raining
I did forget my Garmin, but I did have my cell phone, and I never canceled BiM, so I was able to GPS track my run that way.

19' 19

29' 27

39' 36

49' 43

59' 52

610' 00

710' 04

89' 54

910' 17

end10' 03

BiM gave me a 9:49 minute mile pace, which sounds better to me, but I'll take my the 9:57 minute mile pace over the 10:30 minute mile pace I had last year.

I've entered that 15k time into the McMillan Running Calculator, I *should* be able to have a sub 5 hour marathon. I think McMillan is being generous with the time it gave me, but if I put forth the training and effort it could happen this time, even if it is 4:59.

I was hoping to stay in the 9 range for the entire race, but something about running on concrete, after we exited the Fiesta Island loop (which is asphalt), really throws me off.

316 IRENE M 4487 50 4/7 F San Diego 1:32:40 9:57

I came in 4th in my AG. Yeah, there were only 7 of us in my AG but I wasn't too far behind the 3rd place AG winner, who is also one of my track club buddies, Michelle, who I sometimes run with. I did shave about 5+ minutes off of last year's Sue Krenn 15k, and I felt really good about that. It's not a PR, and I still need to knock about 7+ more minutes off. It feels good to be whittling away at last year's post surgery runs.

If I keep at it, perhaps I can put a BQ back on my list of things to do.

Until then, I'll watch this a few times for inspiration:

Wednesday's Song:
Closer - Ne-Yo, Nine Inch Nails, Kings of Leon - Run DMZ, Be A Good One



I Run for Fun said...

Awesome 15K, Irene. You've had such great improvement. BQ should definitely be in sight soon!

Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift
Great job on the 15K!!!

Meg said...

Good job on the run! A few people said that it was tough race. 4th in your ag, wa-hoo! Stick with it, go the BQ!
Thanks for the speech...I needed it!

Anne said...

I'm discovering the lack of computer time to blog too now that I've ramped up my own exercise regime. Those are good splits, by the way. Remember how we first met at the Sue Krenn?!

Also, did you notice that the date on this post predates the race?

Irene said...

Anne - Doh! That's when I started the post, but obviously didn't get around to finishing it until Monday. Thanks for noticing!

Deene said...

Good job, the splits are great! I like that you have a NIN tune as your title.

Glenn Jones said...

Excellent Irene! Way to stick with it trough thick and, more recently, thin. These are the type of posts that keep me going when I'm kind of down in the dumps. After all - what is *my* excuse?

Robin said...

Irene! Well done! Love the uplifting message. You win for most creative use of media today. Yay! As for your run, fantastic! I think a BQ is more than reasonable. I struggle w/ blogging time all the time. *sigh* Would love to read, comment, and write full-time!!!

On an entirely different note: have been very, very sad about last week's disturbing event involving Chelsea King. Your city has been on my mind quite a lot. Please stay safe.

Hugs from Orlando!

Miss Rachel said...

Good job Irene! :-) From the map, it looks as if it was a very scenic run, despite the concrete.