Monday, March 01, 2010

Sounds Like Life To Me


Like many of us, I spent the past 16(?) days catching up on the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, cheering for our country participating in sports I know little about. I am familiar with downhill skiing, cross country skiing and ice skating, only because I've had lessons in each of those activities, but I'm far, far, FAR from being a pro and have never competed, but I can confidently say that I can get myself from point a to point b. I know nothing about hockey, but I can get the gist of the game, and I found myself cheering and yelling at the TV a few times. Same thing with snow boarding, speed skating and bob sledding. I'm sure I would have been yelling at the curling event, too, but it wasn't on when I watched. Oh, and what about some of those guys (and women) in their super suits? You really have to have quite the physique to pull off one of those super fitted race suits. Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics are over, I'll have to find something else since American Idol is a yawner this season. At least I still have Project Runway.

I actually got out and ran with the track club on Saturday. We ran at one of my favorite locations, starting at Tidelands Park in Coronado, along the Silver Strand to fit in the time or mileage and back. A lot of people don't care too much for the Silver Strand, but I like it. I can find my groove there and just go with it. It figures that rain was in the forecast for our run. It seems it has rained three out of the four Saturdays in February, and that one non rainy Saturday I was sick. In spite of the rain there was a decent attendance of track club members. My mileage for this 2 hour out and back run was exactly as it was when I did it last year, but it was raining and very windy at some points this time, plus I was just coming back from being sick... I guess I should give myself some slack for that, but I was a little bummed with my time. It was good to be back running with the track club, though. I was able to catch up with my friends who did show up. I'm glad I had the foresight to bring a change of clothes because I was DRENCHED. My clothes and shoes were sopping wet and heavy. It felt good to change into dry clothes and shoes, even if it were just for the ride home.

I'm signed up for the Carlsbad 5000 on April 11 with Rehab United as a team - which should be fun. I missed the boat on the La Jolla Half Marathon, which said "FULL" when I tried to sign up yesterday. Am I bummed? No. Running in the LJHM was sort of an after thought to running the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January, and I was thinking about going for the triple crown (Carlsbad, La Jolla, AFC), but it wasn't a priority, getting healthy was the focus. Now I might have to rethink AFC and if I really want to do that one in the heat of August. There ARE other half marathons to consider.

Check out another running skirt give away at Endurance Isn't Only Physical.

I was in the mood for baking on Sunday, so I made a Red Velvet cake. I've been having issues with Red Velvet Cake I've had at restaurants. They aren't good. Either the cake tastes weird or the frosting is cream cheese frosting, which (in my mind) is all wrong. That's not how grandma used to make it. I scoured the internet for recipes and found this one that comes close to grandma's cake:


The recipe for the frosting follows it. By the way, this frosting recipe contains enough butter to make Paula Deen squeal with delight.

Parenting (or in our case, Grand-parenting) rule #6.8 in the rule book:
"Never leave out any markers, pens, stamps, paint, and/or other media that a 6 year old can run a muck with."
What you're looking at is my dresser stamped with my husband's state license stamp. I guess the kiddo had a good time at it. No, he didn't get in trouble. It was his Papa's fault for leaving the stamp out, but the kiddo was made aware that this wasn't a nice thing to do, even though we thought it was funny.

Wednesday's Song:
Who Will Buy? - Barbara Streisand, London Theater Orchestra & Cast, Aaron Neville, etc...


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Caitlin said...

Sounds Like Life To Me--Darryl Worley

I came across your blog, and any blog that has name that tune is a blog for me!

Anonymous said...

Curling is about all I watched. I actually forgot to watch the woman's ice skating. I think it rained here 3 out of the 4 Saturdays too.

Jill said...

Oh good lord, you WOULD have to post a picture of my favy cake of all-time, with recipe, when I gave up SUGAR!!! I'm going to print out the thing, though, and make it when for when I return from Boston and then I'm eating the entire cake! I am up about 5 lbs from that nasty cold I had/have so now it's time to buckle down and be good!
Have a great week!!! :)

Miss Rachel said...

I'm always a little sad at the end of the Winter Olympics. I focused mostly on the Figure Skating, but I did see some of the other sports too.

Thanks to the link to Red Velvet Cake recipe. No, it's not vegan, but just today someone tried to tell me that Red Velvet Cake was fruit-flavored, and I was pretty sure it was chocolately. Now I see that I was right.

I hope the ink can be cleaned off of the dresser!

I Run for Fun said...

I started watching a few days late, but LOVED almost all the sports. There is something about the Olympis that makes it special.

Meg said...

There is so much to comment on today...the cake looks wonderful and I love buttercream frosting even more than the cake! Next, I couldn't believe the LJHM closed this early. I wasn't going to do it but I know lots of people were going to sign up and can't. Sad! Finally, I will miss the Olympics. They have been so inspiring. Have a nice week, Irene!

Pink Granite said...

I'm impressed. That was one cool as a cucumber response to the decorative artwork on the dresser!
- Lee

Glenn Jones said...

My wife and I have a simlar looking dresser. Backwhen my kids were *really* young (I think my daughter was 4 or 5), sh thought whe would help mom and dad clean the house. She got a towel, and sprayed the dresser like she saw momdoing. Unfortunately it wasn't Pledge! But we have a wonderfully stained dresser to always remind us what a doll she is!

Hmm. 5K in Carlsbad huh? Pretty flat too. Hmm.....

Anne said...

I'm enjoying this season of Project Runway too. You aren't kidding - it really has rained three of the four weekends in February, according to a report I read yesterday. I don't mind, though, especially given how green it is and how colorful this year's wildflowers are.