Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

Back from Las Vegas...

Official results:

Distance HALF MAR
Clock Time 3:01:07
Chip Time 2:29:57
Overall Place 9882 / 17827
Gender Place 5326 / 11322
Division Place 264 / 814
Age Grade 51.1%
Pace 11:27
Ttlrace 17827
Ttldiv 814
Ttlsex 11322
5 Km 35:23
10 Km 1:09:23
10 Mi 1:53:24

This was my slowest half marathon ever, but considering I blew out my left calf just 5 days prior, it was FRIGGING COLD, and I couldn't feel my limbs, I'm happy with my time. I was going to be OK with 3 hours running with an injury, and squeaking by just under 2:30 by seconds feels (in a way) like a PR, even though it really isn't.

Once I'm rested and unpacked I'll post a full on trip and race report, complete with photos, or maybe not. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? We'll see.

Thursday's song:
Every Body Hurts - REM - Mel - 2nd Chances



Southbay Girl said...

Sheryl Crow....

I think you did a fantastic job! be proud, be very proud! great job!

Aka Alice said...

I just finished the pre-race report...2:30 is awesome. I know the cold slowed me down A LOT.

You look awesome in the picture!

Deene said...

nice photo! congrats on the finish.

KatieFeldmom said...

Very cool photo!!! How's your calf now?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

love the pictures! Great job in the half, hope the calf is feeling good now!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I would be happy with that time!

Miss Rachel said...

Great job Irene. And the picture is great too; you look cool! :-)

IronWaddler said...

I want to run there in 2010! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are absolutely amazing. Running with a calf injury and STILL making great time! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic too.

Hope you heal fast!

Stacey said...

Sorry that it was so cold!!! :(

Irene said...

I'm dealing with soreness, but so glad with the way it all turned out!

AKA Alice,
I was sort of sad that we didn't run together, but I'm glad we hooked up at the expo. There's more races ahead!


Sore. I had cankles for this entire week, but it seems like I'm finally getting past it. I think it will be sore for a little while longer.

Thanks. I hope it heals quickly! It's still sore, but getting better.

I am happy with my time! I would have been happy with 3 hours, too!

Thanks so much! As cold as I was, it was a good day.

Iron Waddler,
Love your new name! It's good, flat race.

Thanks! I miss seeing you around.

It was cold, but I suppose it could have been colder, really. ;) It was a good day to be running!