Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Christmas Song

It just wouldn't be the holiday season at my house without something needing repair. *SIGH*

We had every intention of joining the track club for the last run of the year. The route looked like a lot of fun, as the route ventured through Christmas Card Lane, and it was only a 5 miler -- very doable, and I think my calf could of handled a very slow run.

It was not to be.

We spent our entire morning figuring out what was wrong with the washing machine. The washing machine wasn't cycling through the spin cycle or draining. Michael thought it might be clogged, but when he took the pump out, the culprit was a quarter lodge inside the pump, and it thrashed the pump. We found a parts place in town, but the part won't be here for three weeks.


This means we'll either be lugging our laundry to our in-law's house or finding a near by laundromat. Of course, this is happening right before Michael and I leave for our two week trip to Mexico.

We're looking ahead. That's all we can do.

There is a warm and fuzzy Christmas edge this post.

On Wednesday we took Evan to the annual Rotarian Christmas party. Santa happened to make a guest appearance with gifts.

Evan was about to burst with excitement. Santa happened to know that Evan is 6 years old and loves cars. Evan was amazed that Santa knew so much about him.

Santa even knew exactly what Evan wanted.

A remote control monster truck!


Last Friday's song:
Continuum - Jaco Pastorius



Meg Runs said...

How cute is Evan? When ever I see such innocent kiddos like him I am reminded of what this holiday means to these little kids! They love it so much! Sorry you couldn't run nor fix the machine, ugh!

Anne said...

I'm so sorry you were held up this morning; it was an ideal day to run. Beware if you haven't been to a laundromat for awhile; they ain't cheap.

barbie2be said...

stephen colbert?

sorry about your washing machine. that really sucks, right before your trip.

evan looks adorable with santa!

Rookie on the Run said...

Awwww... how fun that Santa knew so much about Evan & even gave him what he had been wanting. :) I love how magical Christmas is when you're a kid.

I'm sorry about your washing machine. That sucks. Oh well, at least you'll be more wanting to head off to Mexico and relax.

**My word verification code is "eatist". How did they know I'm an eatist? Ahhh... there's that Christmas magic!**

Aka Alice said...

Bummer about the washing machine. You can use mine :-)

Evan is EVER did Santa know so much about him?

Glenn Jones said...

I'm impressed that Michael knows his way around that washng machine and that he's brave enough to tear it apart.

Jo Lynn said...

Our washing machine had the same symptoms about a month ago. Keith looked it up on UTube and was able to fix it for me. ;)

Evan is a very handsome guy.

Melissa H said...

Okay, UGH about the washing machine. Stuff like that stresses me out to the max.

But, the Santa pics are just adorable. I love the excitement in his face! :-)

Pat said...

when we lived in an apartment when back when there was a 'suds and duds'. It was a bar/laundrymat. Food, drink, TV, pool table, video games. It was pretty cool. And of course you could do your laundry there.

kara said...

At first I thought it was the back of your pc !
Worse yet - your washer!


Don't even think about laundry while in Mexico soaking up the sun...

Pink Granite said...

I saw the title, then the photo and briefly wondered how you would make music on that thing!
A washtub bass perhaps?!

Good luck with the laundromat adventure. The only upside is multiple loads can get done at the same time!

Evan's very handsome!
- Lee

Juls said...

That's one good looking boy you've got there.
Merry Christmas!

Miss Rachel said...

Oh, I was hoping to see a nice picture of your Christmas tree, and I come here an find - what? Your washing machine?! ;-) Just kidding. I hope it doesn't cramp your style too much. My washing machine broke right around Christmas a couple years ago - what a pain.

The monster truck looks like fun, and not just for a six year old!

Deene said...

nice monster truck! i hope santa is reading this so he remembers to bring me one too.
have fun in mexico.