Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What I Like About You

Check out this clip of my nephew, Kyle, complimenting twenty-two people in one minute.


Yesterday's song:
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys - Nine Oh Nine



Fair Weather Runner said...

i couldn't get the video to work on my computer. :( but i love 'yesterday's song' beach boys are the best!

Meg Runs said...

The video didn't for me! Too bad because it sounds cute!

Irene said...

Hmmmm... It works for me. I'll see if he can get it from another source.

Jo Lynn said...

It worked for me. That was great. Pretty funny. ;)

Anne said...

What - no one's guest the song yet? It's by the Romantics! Video worked for me and your nephew is a hoot. And the title is perfect for the video since he says "What I like about you"...a lot.

KatieFeldmom said...


Pat said...

it takes me more than a minute to post a comment. I bet he's a fun guy to know.

Irene said...

Fair Weather Runner,
Sorry it didn't work for you, but my nephew is a 23 year old theater arts student/actor.

It was fun. Someone else beat him by complimenting 40 people, but I liked my nephew's compliments better.

Winner! I thought it would be an easy one! Yes, my nephew is a hoot and he knows it! LOL.


He's a quick wit, that's for sure!