Thursday, September 10, 2009

Only You Can Bring Me Cheer

Activity: Run
Date: 09/10/09 08:50 AM
Distance: 5.01 miles
Time: 0:52:59
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 35 min/mile
Calories: 483

Today's run was at the bay. I did mile to mile intervals, meaning miles 1,3 and 5 were slow, and miles 2 and 4 were at 5k pace. When I started out, the air was still pleasant and there was a nice breeze, but on the return there was direct sun and no breeze, and it wasn't even 10 am yet. The return was a bit tough and my splits were slightly slower, but when it was done, and I cooled off and stretched, I felt great. I haven't felt GREAT after a run in ages. I mean, considering my past year and all the rehab, I would feel thrashed/tired after a run, any run. This is the first time that I recall that I've felt good (a sense of well being) after a run since I've started running again. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but this is somewhat of a milestone for me. It's all coming back. Now, the next trick is to get that "woo-hoo" feeling after a race. Baby steps, still.


"Now that we're heading into the fall and winter marathon seasons, and we've talked a lot about how to prepare for races, let's talk about spectators. What do you like and dislike from spectators out on a course? Are cowbells good or bad? Do you prefer to have someone waiting with food or Gatorade? What tips can you give for people who are just out to watch the race and not participate?"

Spectator tips:
No matter where a person is in a race NEVER EVER SAY: "You're almost there!" This messes with my psyche and it automatically does something inside me that makes my body want to slow down. You're almost there when you start the race, really. In my mind I'm almost there when I can actually see the finish line just a few hundred feet in front of me. Also, never yell to a runner: "You ONLY have _____ (pick a number) miles/meters/blocks/feet to go." Duh. We know.

Things that I've heard from spectators at races that I liked:
"Thank you for running today!" Most runs benefit a charity.
"You make a difference." From coach Paul on his bull horn.
"Go runners!" From random people
"Go Mimi!" From my grandson.*

Other things that spectators have done/can do:
*Show up and cheer for the people who have no one cheering for them.
*High Fives - only when appropriate. I high fived a Marine at this year's SDRNR marathon.**
*Cowbells are OK
*Quick hugs from people you know are great at mile 23 of a marathon. (Got a hug from my son at about mile 23 this year.)

Yesterday's song:

What I Like About You - The Romantics - Run-DMZ


*Instead of Grandma, he calls me Mimi, which is what he came up with when he was learning how to talk.
** That's me in the red running skirt getting ready to high five the marine.


Miss Rachel said...

I was thinking about the "you're almost there" thing when I was running today. Of course, no one said it to me (it wasn't a race), but I didn't consider myself "almost there" until I could clearly see my destination.

My niece and nephew call their grandmother Mimi also. :-)

KatieFeldmom said...

I know how important that good feeling is after a run. YAY that you got yours back!!!

Glenn Jones said...

I'm right there with the "You're almost there" crack. Is it that they spectators don't tink we'e keeping track of every foot that we've run and have left to go?

Glad to hear that you'regetting your mojo back!

And thanks for the kind comments on my Whitney trip. And yes - there will be an "again". Wanna join in?

Meg Runs said...

I'm happy that you're doing well!

Doesn't it bug you at a marathon when someone yells, only one more hill! That happened to me in SF and there were about 500 more hills after they told me that. It ruined my whole race! Spectators words are important!

Jo Lynn said...

Someone else had this subject on their blog yesterday. I said the same thing as you: don't tell us how far we have to go! "Just around that next corner." It never is!!

Anne said...

Um, so when someone asks a spectator how far to the finish, do we lie?!

Congratulations on getting that happy feeling back.

cami said...

Irene, that's such a cool picture of you high five-ing the marine. I remember seeing it for the first time in your race report -loved it then as I love it now. And I really like the red skirt. Hmm, maybe I should give running skirts a try too.

As for the spectators, I'm sure they're well-intentioned. Hopefully they'll get your tips. :)

cami said...

*memory flash* Oh yeah, and you never walked during that marathon? How awesome is that!

Glenn Jones said...

Hi Irene. Yes - I'm sure it was the time spent wet in the rain/hail/sleet last Friday along with the hard push Saturday that got me. I had a fever Sunday and Monday, and then just general chest congestion, coughing, etc. since then.

I was feeling better on Thursday, and then lousy again by yesterday evening.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

i totally get it - feeling great after a run...feels great!

Irene said...

It just messes with my psyche, not sure why!

It felt great!

I know they're trying to be encouraging, but since they usually don't run they don't know exactly what to say. By the way, I hope you continue to feel better!

Ditto on the hill comment! LOL!

Jo Lynn,
It was a part of Take It And Run Thursday at Runner's Lounge. The topic was about spectators. :)

At the first marathon I ran two spectators told me "3 more miles" and those spectators were about a mile a part from each other. Thanks for your constant support!

I never walked, but I did go REALLY slow towards the end, and that's when I saw a bunch of peole walking. I ran right past them!

It's what makes running so worth it!