Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Good Vibrations

While I was not blogging, here are just a few of the activities I participated in:

An excuse to party.
My brother came into town for a few days, joined us for a track club run (which just about killed him because he was *ahem* showing off and went out too fast.) The next day we had an impromptu barbecue, otherwise ALL of you would have been invited. My dad, in true retirement mode, brought a case of beer, his Jack La Lane juicer, a ton of fruit and a Costco sized bottle of rum. A good time was had by all.

My bro donning the SDTC shirt that I made him buy.

Dad chillin' with a brew.

Erik and Sam jammin'.

Sam taught me how to play this instrument.

Spending time with the kid.

It's all about getting to lick the spatula after mixing up the chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, we baked in the heat of the summer, no air conditioner.

Downloading about 900 photos from Evan's Fisher-Price camera. No kidding. 900+. MANY of the pictures were like this one:

Wonder what he was eating prior to this picture?

Making a discovery...

Fake toenails! I had no clue there were such things!

Dragging my husband to the beach at the crack of dawn on Labor day to boogie board, just so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds. It was awesome.

See? 7 AM on Labor Day at Mission Beach!

Surf's up!

The fake toenails looked good at the beach. My big toenails are not grown out from when I lost them during marathon training back in April.

Cleaning out some closets and drawers. My husband got rid of a bunch of old and beat up cotton race t shirts, amongst other clothing items. I got rid of a bunch of old work blouses, tops and these:

I did three back to back twelve week Body For Life challenges in 2000 and 2001, lost 30 pounds, got my body fat down to 16%, and all's I got were these lousy t-shirts. By the way, I'm only 5'3" and the t shirts they sent me were XL. I think I wore them as a night shirt a few times, then they ended up at the bottom of the drawer. The program itself is good, and once I figured out how to make it work for me, then it was great. Would I recommend BFL to everyone? Yes and no. It's not the end all in workouts and each person has to find whatever workout plan works best for them. Just about any reputable workout plan is good. The trick is that you just have to do it. There is a lot of work involved. PS... I'd love to be back at 16% body fat, but it's more work than I want to do right now.

Because everyone's a winner!

"Where the surf meets the turf at Del Mar."

No race pics. I was too busy not betting. LOL.

Signing up for the Shelter Island 5k on November 8, 2009, you know, the race that has a full on champagne brunch afterward? Yeah, THAT one! AND I plunked down the cash for the Silver Strand Half Marathon on November 15, 2009, the run that goes from Coronado to Imperial beach and is mostly FLAT.

Wanna join me?


The obligatory first day of school photo op.

Yesterday's song:
Reason To Believe - Rod Stewart, The Youngbloods



Pat said...

the beach boys.

love the photos. sorry I haven't been around much.

I heard a song the other day and thought of you. "Rockin the Beer Belly." Just because it would have been a good post title, not anything else.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

That's a long photo filled post. And I loved it.

How great you have live muscic jamming going on at your party. THat's always a sign of a good time. :-)

KatieFeldmom said...

Love all the photos!!!

I Run for Fun said...

Love all the pics!

Why would they give you an XL T-shirt??? Ridiculous!

IzzyBubbles said...

So glad to know the fake toenails work!! I have one that hasn't grown out since I lost it in April, I'm starting to wonder if it's ever going to be normal again.

Full on champagne brunch after a 5K?? We need some of those around here in KS!!

Meg Runs said...

The kid is soooo cute! Love his first grade picture.

OMG gosh, I must try those toenails, thanks.

leslie said...

Love your dad -- a juicer and some rum? What a guy!

Very fun post, Irene.

Irene said...

Thanks. :)