Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smart Woman (In A Real Short Skirt)

Just a quick post!

Runningskirts.com is having a 50% off select running skirts sale. Thought I'd spread the word. I bought one at the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Expo. I love it! Thanks to Maggie for the info! I just bough 2 more...

(photo from the runningskirts.com site)

I'll update later...


Friday, July 27, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

Activity: Run
Date: 07/27/07 10:24 AM
Distance: 3.24 miles
Time: 0:34:20
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 35 min/mile
Calories: 308

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I did "THE HILL" today and added an extra 3/4 mile to my usual run, but with more hills. I figured if I didn't get it in now I probably wouldn't get it in at all, and I started thinking about today's festivites (Hores races at Del Mar) and I know I won't be THAT good as far as food and drink goes, and I wouldn't go running tomorrow because I'd be too tired. I'd just put it off again. So, I ran the hills in the humidity, came back drenched in sweat and hot, only to find my grandson playing with his Hotwheels cars on his Spiderman Slip N' Slide (remember those?)... So I joined him, still in my running garb. It felt so good!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Arms

Activity: Run
Date: 07/25/07 07:15 AM
Distance: 2.16 miles Time: 0:21:02
Speed: 6.2 mph
Pace: 9' 44 min/mile
Calories: 206
That's much better...It sure beat what I did the last time I ran!

Upper Body Workout - Free weights, mostly dumbbells. Chest presses & flys, upright rows, bicep curls, bench dips, floor crunches, bench crunches. I skipped lat pull downs today. I just didn't feel like working on the Bowflex today. I am still wanting to go heavier but any single dumbbell weight over 20 pounds and my left bicep starts to ache.

The article I interviewed for in Runner's World Magazine came out today, in the September 2007 issue. The author didn't use anything I said, which is pretty much what I expected, but she did address issues with expert oppinions. Oh, the article is under the Mind + Body section titled "Split Decision" by Gigi Douban.

Comic-Con is in town this weekend, starting today. I've been to it in the past but I think I'll pass this year. My daughter is attending. She had aspirations of being an animator, but decided it wasn't for her, however, she still enjoys seeing what everyone else is doing. Today my son and I are going to primer the garage, or at least get it ready for the primer. Painting walls one solitary color is one of my least favorite things to do, so maybe between my son and I we can knock out painting a few walls.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At The Zoo

No running on Monday. I woke up that morning with a sore and swollen right ankle. I'm perplexed. Perhaps trolls came in the night and kicked my ankle? I'm thinking it may have been something I did while gardening on Sunday. I dunno... I ended up doing several loads of laundry instead. Today I did several unweighted squats, lunges, and calf raises. Per Fitday, my food is okay, calorie wise, but could stand to be better ratio wise ( carbs, protein, fat). I need more protein. (Must put the M&M's down...)

There's an 8 mile run in a few weeks that has sparked my interest. It goes through a hilly Balboa Park and parts of the San Diego Zoo. My running has really tanked lately, so I wonder if a change of scenery would get my psyche reved up again, therefore making my runs more effective. Plus, the 8 mile run would fit in with half marathon training. That flu I had a while back really took the wind out of my sail, and I'm having a tough time getting back to things as they were. I'm back to feeling physically great but the running is another story. I know this "down-shift" is a part of the running thing. All runs can't be fabulous. Writers have "writer's block." I have "runner's block."

Anne has bestowed upon me the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" distinction. Cool! I guess I'm supposed to bestow the honor to someone else who hasn't had this distinction yet... I'm not sure if these three ladies have been honored yet, but I pick Evelyne - for the hard work she's doing and making fantastic progress with eating and working out per Body For Life. My next choice is Chantal - for training for her first half marathon, sticking with it, working hard and getting in those tough long miles. Last, but not least is Katie, who has a blog I can leave open when my 4 year old grandson (who is learning how to read) is standing behind me trying to read the letters on the computer screen, and Katie started working out with a trainer and is kicking some major bootie and seeing the much sought after progress. There are other girl bloggers who are very noteworthy but many of them have been recognized. There are also a few guys who have great blogs but I don't know if there's a "Rockin Guy's Blogger" award out there.


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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Golden Slumbers

There was no run or workout over the weekend, just a lot of running around and work to get things in gear for the party, then the clean-up after. The party was a success and thank goodness for those giant jumpy things that can fit a bunch of 3 and 4 year old kids in all at the same time, making them really tired, going to bed early, and making their parents really happy at bed-time.

We've also had some work done on the garage space, as in finishing up the drywall, texturing the walls and priming. We're turning the front garage into a temporary bedroom. DH and I will paint this week, then the guys come back next weekend to set ceramic tile.

This next week my goal is to run or work out each day, Monday through Saturday. Last week wasn't perfect, but I got something in. I also need to restart loggin in my calories on Fitday. After this weekend of pizza and cake, I'm feeling rather fluffy. I did have some minor break outs on my arms (from the cheese on the pizza) but not as bad as it could be. Perhaps keeping the water intake up helped.

It's been a busy weekend! I'm beat!

Happy Sunday!


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Friday, July 20, 2007


On the running and workout front I have been sticking to everything I said I was going to do. Wednesday was Lower body exercises, sans weights, squats, lunges and calf raises. I did take Thursday off but I'm back at it with a Friday upper body workout - Lat pull downs, upright rows, chest presses and flys, bicep curls and tricep kickbacks.

I'm finished with work for now. They've managed to find a new hire who actually has brains. Amazing. Not that the previous new hires did not have brains, they just didn't use them enough, or in one rare case the lady had fantastic brains and was able to get another job with better pay. I'm hoping the next time I'm called in for work is when someone goes on vacation. The new hire has only been there a week and has picked up her job as if she had been working there the whole time. She's also picking up what the techs do, so that's a bonus.

Wednsday was my grandson's 4th birthday. I asked him about being 4 and he said "I don't want to be 4, I want to be 5!" We're having a party for him this weekend. He requested a "black" cake. Not sure what he meant by that but he said it wasn't chocolate. Icecream cake will do fine.

I've had some weird dreams lately. In one dream I was running in a 5k event at Balboa Park and I was feeling really good about my run. I was almost at the finish line and suddenly my legs became heavy. I could barely lift each leg to take a step. The finish line is RIGHT THERE! I could see it. The alarm clock goes off. I wake up to find my big boy cat, Lumpy, lying across both of my legs... I'm not sure how much he weighs but he's heavy enough.

Back in April I did a drive through for Bones In Motion Wirless Run Tracker on the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon route. My friend who drove took a few pictures with his cell phone. He was just now able to send me the pictures. Here's what the start looks like without 20,000 people in the street:

This is what it looked like back on June 3, 2007, taken from the opposite end of the street:

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Over The Line

Activity: Run
Date: 07/15/07 09:29 AM
Distance: 5.46 miles Time: 0:58:03
Speed: 5.6 mph
Pace: 10' 38 min/mile
Calories: 516

Slow run today at the bay. Prior to the run I was thinking it would be extremely busy, but we beat the mad rush of people. This weekend is the start of "Over The Line" Tournaments at Fiesta Island and this brings out tons of people who participate, but also a lot of lurkers, and there's plenty to look at!

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, July 13, 2007

Over The Hills And Far Away

I put in a very light run. I went with a friend and got to talking, and forgot to turn on the wireless run tracker. It was a slow jog. I normally don't talk and run and the same time. I probably put in just under 2 miles. I also did some yoga type stretches and several unweighted squats.

Activity: Run
Date: 07/13/07 10:02 AM
Distance: 2.17 miles
Time: 0:22:11
Speed: 5.9 mph
Pace: 10' 13 min/mile
Calories: 205

Today I'm officially back!!!!! I did a real run today. It wasn't real fast but I did it and I remembered to turn on the wireless run tracker. Strangely enough, my first mile was much faster than my last, and that's usually the other way around. My first mile was in 9:53, and that included waiting for traffic to pass. I didn't punch my run because my neighborhood is very hilly and I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt anything, seeing how this was my real first day back to running, real running and not feeling ill. The run yesterday was at my friend's pace so it more like a light warm-up jog, plus I was able to talk the whole way. Yes, yesterday's run was something but not what I needed to be doing. It's also gorgeous outside today. The clouds burned off early so the skies are blue and crisp. It's not hot yet, but I'm guessing that's just around the bend. It feels good to "feel good!"

Someone posted this on Muscletank.net. I thought I'd share. It's an ad for Nike Plus Viral, but I think this sums up running for a lot of people! LOL.

I'm Not A Runner


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Will Survive

Since I actually had a whole Saturday (07-07-07) to myself and not really go anywhere, or have to do anything in particular, I caught up on a little laundry and internet browsing. On CRN I found a link to The Onion, which posts fake news. Out of sheer curiosity I happened to look at their Onion merchandise for sale, such as these boxes:

I had to laugh because I know people who would actually want these products, even though they are not real. Hehehehee...

It kinda feels good to not be pulled in several different directions for a weekend.

Now it's a few days later, Tuesday, 7-10-07...

Working out or running never happened. I still have no energy. I did do some puttering in the garden, but nothing down and dirty. I'm going to attempt some light resistance bands later on, but it's definetly not what I want to be doing. Going to Target for a few household items really wiped me out. I did find a really cool blouse at Target, though. It doesn't look like something found at Target and I can wear it to work. I was even more amazed that they had a size that fit me.

Speaking of work, my schedule will be all over the place for the next week or two. One of my coworkers is going on vacation and they still haven't hired a new person. The most current newbie scheduled several patients on one of our most busiest days, even though we told her to schedule light just because we'd be short staffed. Oh well. We'll survive. I just hope our patients will be patient with us.

Guess what??? It's time for the list of winners for: "NAME THAT ARTIST /BAND/COMPOSER/MUSICIAN/ETC." For those of you who haven't played yet, it's pretty simple. I title my blog posts with song titles. Be the first to correctly guess who recorded/performed the song, post your answer under "comments," and if you are correct, the glory is yours.

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6/15/07 Break - Heart- Barbie2be

6/12/07 Yellow - Coldplay - Katiefeldmom

6/11/07 Sand In My Shoes - Dido - Barbie2be

6/7/07 A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy - Kinks - Barbie2be

6/3/07 Fight For Your Right To Party - Beastie Boys - Chantal2bfit

6/1/07 My List - The Killers - Barbie2be


Friday, July 06, 2007


I'm back from my self-imposed internet hiatus. Where do I start???

I had attended my 30 year high school reunion. Although it was great to see everyone who came, it also somewhat melancholy due to the knowledge that the land the high school is on will be sold and turned into another school, a condo complex or shopping center. It is truly an end of an era. There is a new campus, replacing the old one in another location, that is state-of-the-art, and by all accounts wonderful, but it does not have the same name as my old alma mater. There were several alumni who were not excited about the new name and quit donating money to the school when asked, simply because (as my brother put it) "that's not the school we went to." There are, however, walkways and courts with the "old" school name, and the school mascot is still the same. My high school graduating class was small, with about 99 graduates. We were fortunate to have about 30 attend the reunion with some spouses/significant others. We had the reunion in the old gym and we all laughed that we weren't getting busted for having alcohol on campus. One of my high school friends who I haven't seen since the 20 year reunion was there. It was as if time stood still and we had just seen each other yesterday by the lockers, well, except for having husbands, a house payment, kids, and reading glasses... Kathy twisted my arm and got me to do 3 tequila shots with her, only after one of our classmates bought a couple of bottles of Patron Silver tequila. I also had the chance to meet up with other long-lost classmates. I found out that one guy actually Q'ed for Boston a few years back but had to give up distance running because he broke his leg. Ouch!
Another classmate is a movie actor. Matthew Modine used to sit behind me in Mr. B's English class. He confirmed that he used to cheat off of my vocabulary tests in Senior year. Even though everyone was clamoring to get their photos with him, at least he did remember who I was and, yeah, I did get my photo with him and Kathy. Another classmate lives within a mile of me, and we plan to get together soon. I've exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses with many. I must admit, there was only one person I didn't really care to see, but that person was the first person who I made my pleasantries with so I could go on with the reunion and chat with others. For a group of us who are pushing 50, we seemed to all be healthy and doing just fine for ourselves, at least those who attended. The nice things about reunions now is that everyone is sincerely happy to be there and see former classmates. It's nothing like the 10 year reunion, where everyone seems like they're trying to show off their success. About 9 people in my graduating class have already died. As a class, we've decided to have reunions every 5 years instead of just every 10 years. I've actually volunteered my house for the next reunion. (Yikes!) I don't know if they'll take me up on my offer but it's incentive for me to get the house really fixed up by then. One thing I must mention about my class is even though there were groups like the jocks, cheerleaders, the rich kids, band geeks, party-ers, etc, we never let those "labels" interfere with getting to know each other now. We grew up, and thank goodness had lives and life experiences after high school. As a class we became closer than other classes. It was great to be able to give all of my classmates hugs.

I'm now working more weekly hours than I had anticipated. They do have ads out for techs, and have interviewed a few candidates, made offers, but these people aren't really looking for jobs. They're looking to get raises at their current places of employment OR they don't live up to their resumes. There's time and money wasted. I'm almost back to working full time again. This is not what I wanted to be doing right now, but I must admit the extra cash is handy.

A little over a week ago I was feeling somewhat sluggish, but just thought I was tired from work. I ended up getting a bad stomach flu. I can't remember the last time I had a flu like this last one. I couldn't even hold down water but forced myself to drink it just so I could have something in my system AND to not get dehydrated. It took a good 4 to 5 days to get that barfy feeling to go away and for food to taste like food again. Nothing was palatable. NOTHING tasted good, not even chocolate, not even water! The rotten part was calling in sick to work on a day I knew they were slammed with patients. With the 4th of July holiday and expecting a house-full of people, I had to get myself well. I did get better but I'm still exhausted. I just can't figure how someone could be incapacitated in bed for several days and still be tired...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The 4th of July happened. Hubbie and I ran in the the Coronado Annual 5k-15k. I was so tempted to not go, and that would have been a first for me because I still was not feeling strong, but I had to go. My brother flew down for the holiday and wanted to join us. This was THE SLOWEST 5k I have ever run. (28:15) I felt so weak, but I ran the whole way, tempted to walk, but I reminded myself that it was only a 5k, and that I could go home and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. By the way, my brother ran the 15k and finished in about 1:13:00 and change. After a returning home and getting in that 2 hours of sleep, it was time to get in gear for our party. The party began around 5 pm. We kept it relatively simple and grilled burgers, veggie burgers, and hot dogs, and all of the usual foods and beverages. It was kind of funny how just about everyone brought beer, though. We have enough beer leftover to have another party. The cool thing about where I live is that we could view several firework displays at the same time, even though a few were way off in the distance. The fireworks that we could view the best came from Sea World. Too bad the clouds rolled in, which muddled up some of the fireworks, but it was still fun to watch.

On the workout/running front, not much has happened. I've only run 3 or 4 times since the marathon, and that includes the 5k. I think I fit in 2 weight workouts before I came down with the flu. Even with the flu my weight stayed the same, and I suppose that's a good thing, but I feel like I've lost muscle tone. July will be all about get back on track and training for a half marathon scheduled for August.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. Back to blogging!

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