Sunday, July 15, 2007

Over The Line

Activity: Run
Date: 07/15/07 09:29 AM
Distance: 5.46 miles Time: 0:58:03
Speed: 5.6 mph
Pace: 10' 38 min/mile
Calories: 516

Slow run today at the bay. Prior to the run I was thinking it would be extremely busy, but we beat the mad rush of people. This weekend is the start of "Over The Line" Tournaments at Fiesta Island and this brings out tons of people who participate, but also a lot of lurkers, and there's plenty to look at!

Have a great Sunday!



Miss Rachel said...

Nice picture you have chosen for this entry. :-)

barbie2be said...

i love that picture.

ice house or revelation theory?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Your runs always leave me breathless.

chantal2bfit said...

I bet the bay was beautiful! I always love running when the scenery is interesting.

Pat said...

Glad you enjoyed your run. That OTL tournament looks interesting. I play softball, but I've never seen anything like that.


Pamela said...

Just checkin in to say Hi & thanks for checkin on me :)

Anne said...

I've always wanted to go and see if it's as raunchy as I've heard all these years. Do let us know what you see, if you go.

Irene said...

Rachel - Thanks!

Barbie2be - Winner with Revelation Theory!

Evelyne - I'm still breathless! Thanks!

Nice scenery does make for a better run!

My son says OTL is drunken baseball... LOL. Well, the more serious players aren't drunk!

Glad you're doing okay!

Yes is a bit on the raunchy side... Some years are more raunchy than others. People get crazy. I kind of think they've cracked down on certain behaviours. I'm not sure about this year since we've been too busy to even get a glimpse. I've been a few times, as we had a friend who worked in radio promotions. We would always go visit his booth.