Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Arms

Activity: Run
Date: 07/25/07 07:15 AM
Distance: 2.16 miles Time: 0:21:02
Speed: 6.2 mph
Pace: 9' 44 min/mile
Calories: 206
That's much better...It sure beat what I did the last time I ran!

Upper Body Workout - Free weights, mostly dumbbells. Chest presses & flys, upright rows, bicep curls, bench dips, floor crunches, bench crunches. I skipped lat pull downs today. I just didn't feel like working on the Bowflex today. I am still wanting to go heavier but any single dumbbell weight over 20 pounds and my left bicep starts to ache.

The article I interviewed for in Runner's World Magazine came out today, in the September 2007 issue. The author didn't use anything I said, which is pretty much what I expected, but she did address issues with expert oppinions. Oh, the article is under the Mind + Body section titled "Split Decision" by Gigi Douban.

Comic-Con is in town this weekend, starting today. I've been to it in the past but I think I'll pass this year. My daughter is attending. She had aspirations of being an animator, but decided it wasn't for her, however, she still enjoys seeing what everyone else is doing. Today my son and I are going to primer the garage, or at least get it ready for the primer. Painting walls one solitary color is one of my least favorite things to do, so maybe between my son and I we can knock out painting a few walls.


KatieFeldmom said...

My hubby went to Comic-Con last year and we went to San Diego with him. I'm kind of bummed he didn't want to go this year though. I was ready to go to the Wild Animal Park and hit the beach.

Good Job on the run!!!

fuzzyelf said...

Hi back!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run!!!! Now, that's more like it, huh? Great job on your workout too. Personally, I think that if you put your mind into it, you don't really need all those heavy weights to make a difference. Better to be safe than sorry. Good luck on painting those walls.

Irene said...

If you ever come back down to San Diego for Comic-con or otherwise, we'll have to hook up!

Hey Fuzzy!

You're right. It is definetly a mind set. ;) I have to talk myself into things all the time

NotSoccer Mom said...

when my son gets a bit older i'm sure we'll get to comic con. we have friends that go every year and hear all about it!

Miss Rachel said...

Well, since no one else said it - Journey. :-)

Irene said...

This year it sold out on Saturday. My daughter took her son today and he had a great time. She said it was really busy, though.

Winner!!! Woohoo!!! I thought "Open Arms" would be an easy one!