Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Parties

I feel as if I'm a week late in doing everything related to Christmas. Today Christmas cards and gifts to be mailed ARE going out. I still need to finish shopping for a few people, but that should be relatively easy.

I am finally feeling better and the coughing is finally diminishing, however so slowly. Energy levels are definitely up but not quite back normal. Working out has been very scaled back, but I am doing SOMETHING, and I suppose I should feel good about that.

Michael and I did the Christmas party rounds, and we did okay. The Thursday party was mostly family oriented and the cuisine was geared towards hyping up the kids. They had a "decorate your own cookie table" complete with plain sugar cookie cut-outs, frosting in a can, sprinkles and candies. Another table was an ice-cream Sundae table. My family asked "Where's the real food?" There was a table with fruits and vegetables. 2 year old Evan had a wonderful time. There was a train set up in the middle of the room and he enjoyed watching that and chasing around some of the other children. After this sugar filled event, we ended up at a Thai fusion restaurant for real food... Michael and I also attended my office Christmas party on Saturday, which was at my boss' house. I work on call so I don't see everyone as often as I would like. Turns out everyone came down with the same affliction I had. Pass the Robitussen! My coworkers are a lively bunch, which helped to contribute to a very fun filled evening. Pomegranate martinis are now dubbed "Princess Juice." Then, finally, another party on Sunday where I met a wide range of people who were quite interesting. I met a retired pro baseball player and a woman who makes quite a living at photographing animals and flowers. We also had learned that the party host ran the same marathon we were in, so we shared our gory details...

Whew! No more parties until this Friday, which is Michaels' office party. Yay!


PartTimeMom said...

oh man here it is three days before christmas and I'm STILL not ready! ack

Irene said...

Me either! I need a whole week!
Merry Christmas!