Monday, September 19, 2005

Rising Above

Part of me is exhausted and doesn't want to do anything today, but another part of me is telling me I should just go and do SOMETHING because it will make me feel better. The exhausted part of me is my emotional psyche, and the mind is a huge thing when it comes to motivation. I know I shouldn't let things and people I have no control over get to me, but it becomes difficult when these things and people involve me directly... This week will be about transitioning from Body for life to ShapeShift. I need to have the work out pages with me so I can figure out how this new work out will "work out" for me.


Anonymous said...

I felt like that yesterday. I had a bad case of the blahs, felt guilty about not doing anything and then felt guilty about feeling guilty. Of course, staying up til 4 am that morning didn't help

Good luck with the new work out routine. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Angie (tracer's wife)

Cathy said...

Hi Irene
Not sure what is making you down but I hope your day get better. I can definitely relate to the things/people beyond your control getting you down.
Be Well

Irene said...

Thanks... I did get out and work out yesterday and managed to "perk up" a little.

All's I can say is that "when it rains it pours" and right now it's pouring... The one thing that I do have control over is how I handle things, and I chose to work work out. It helped. Thanks. I'll get into everything that's going on a little later. It's just that we're in the middle of it all now...