Thursday, November 15, 2012

She's a Rainbow

The Color Run came to our town at the beginning of this month, and my sister and brother-in-law joined us for the festivities.

Pre race photo op.  Look how gleamingly white the shirts are!
The Color Run  5K is a fun run, meaning no clock, no chips.  It was quite the event and there were two  time slots for the event, at 9 AM and 2PM.  We opted for the 9 AM start.  If you look carefully, you just might find us in this random group shot:

Trust me.  We're in this photo.  Hint -  We're the ones wearing white...  j/k.  Hubs is wearing his dayglo yellow hat
The Qualcomm Stadium parking lot isn't the most scenic place for a 5k run, but it was big enough to handle this size of an event. At certain points in the run we were pelted/squirted/sprinkled with dyed cornstarch powder by voulenteers. It was like running through a fog, but a colored fog. I think the first color we ran through was yellow. The color gets everywhere. My brother-in-law really doesn't run, so we did a walk/run. We had so much fun. Good clean fun, um, no, good messy, colorful fun.

A colorful bunch!  

We were multi-color dusty when we were finished. We tried to brush off as best as possible before leaving, but the cornstarch dye stuck to anything and everything that got sweaty or wet, and stuck in every nook and crannie imaginable, even if it was covered... 

Post run breakfast at the High Dive.  I actually washed my hands before taking this picture.  That's my sister  in the background still covered in blue.  One of the servers asked if we were attacked by Smurfs. 
After a a shower and a few hours to recoup, Hubs and I attended ANOTHER fun run.  We attended a BEvERage Mile fundraiser AKA The Beer Mile.  It was supposed to be a BEER mile, but not all of us can chug  a12 ounce cans of beer each quarter mile, equalling four beers.  There was an 8 ounce per quarter mile margarita option.  I chose the margarita option. The first 8 ounce chug was not too hard, but after a quarter mile run the next thee chugs and runs were brutal.  I won my division -- The Classy Lady Division...  I'm not quite sure how I feel about winning an event where you drink booze and run, but I did.   Here's my classy trophy and shower loofa prize for winning:

Even after a shower I STILL had dye imbedded in my fingernails.  
All proceeds went to the MS Society.  

I do want to point out that I really DON'T drink that much, but it seems like every time I post I talk about drinking just about as much as I talk about running.  That sounds awful, but to put it in perspective, my blogging has dwindled down to monthly instead of weekly or bi-weekly.  

I also have a product review, but I'll save that for my next post, which will be VERY soon.  

Song from October 3, 2012:
All I Really Want - Alanis Morrisette




Kenley said...

Thats more than a rainbow! lol. wow that seems like a lot of fun.

Miss Rachel said...

God, you're such a lush! Just kidding. I don't think of you as drinking a lot just so you know.

The color run is an interesting idea. I never heard of such a thing. When I saw the second picture before I read the text, I thought "did they change shirts?"

It's nice that there was the margarita option at the Beer Mile; I would have chosen that option too. Congratulations on your win.

She's a Rainbow is a good old Rolling Stones song; it's on my iPhone. ;-)

Miss Rachel said...

(Subscribing to comments...)

Anne said...

We did the Color me Rad run as a group and had a blast! Just plain fun :) Congrats on winning your age group...I think ;)

Anne said...

Holy crap, that was a lot of people waiting to get sprayed. We saw some of the runners in a department store afterward. If I hadn't known about the race, I would have wondered. . . .

Aka Alice said...

I really wanted to do this run, but I think it was the same weekend as the century... next time.

I feel the same way about my blog (all posts include references to alcohol... what must everyone think?)

I know you better...