Monday, November 26, 2012

C is for Cookie


Narins's Stem Ginger Cookies and  Mixed Berries Oat Cookies.

I'm not a self proclaimed foodie, even though Hubs says I am.  I do like to eat and I know what I like, and if that makes me a foodie so be it.  When I was asked to review a food product, cookies in particular, I was all over it.

Stem Ginger Oat Cookie

Narin's makes a variety of oat and gluten free and vegan food products, such as crackers, hot cereal and cookies.  I was sent a box of stem ginger oat cookies and a box of mixed berries oat cookies.  The cookies were light, crunchy, oaty and delicious, but I became quite fond of the stem ginger cookies, even more than the mixed berries cookies.  The stem ginger flavor was very robust, and I love ginger. I discovered that the stem ginger cookies could be easily eaten alone or in addition to a bowl of ice cream, or in my case coconut milk ice cream -- to which I ended up making stem ginger cookie and coconut milk ice cream sandwiches with almond slivers on the side.

If you're a berry fan, then the mixed berries cookies will be right up your alley.  These would go perfect with a nice hot cup of herbal tea on a cold day.  The berry flavor is pleasant, but more subtle than the stem ginger.  I also tried to pair these with the coconut milk ice cream, but the mixed berry flavor is better by itself.

Someone else wanted to scarf down my creation.  See those eyes behind the plate???

Yes I would buy Narin's products, especially the stem ginger cookies.  Now I'm curious about some of their other products such as their "Oaty Bakes."

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Anne said...

My daughter adheres to a gluten-free diet and would love those treats. I will tell her about Narins and see if I can find the in our local Sprouts or Whole Foods. Thanks for the review.