Saturday, April 14, 2012

Part of Me

Several weeks ago, Cindi tagged me for a meme. Since I haven't blogged in a while, I figured this would be good fodder until I gather up my thoughts for a more personal blog post.

Here are the rules:

The Random Eleven Rules:
  1. Post these rules
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post
  4. Tag 11 people (can't be the person who tagged you)
  5. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
  6. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them (Tag! You're it!)
11  Really Random Things About Me:

1. I have workout dyslexia.  No, not a medical diagnosis, but something I sort of coined. Certain exercises just don't translate well when switching sides from right side to left, and visa-versa.  I tend to get the arms and/or foot placements wrong trying to do the opposite of what I just did.  I've also noticed that,  unless you're a dancer or really coordinated, this happens frequently.  I see this phenomenon happen to others when I work out.  It's not just me.  PS... That's me on the far left side of the picture, front row, not having a WD moment.

2.  The songs on my run playlist aren't necessarily songs I would listen to otherwise.  Some songs are just better for running, even if those songs are head-banger heavy metal, salsa, and ska.  :)

3.  My bedroom used to be a garage.

4.  I have "Morton's Toe."  This has nothing to do with my last name, it's when your second toe is longer than your big toe.

5.   I like the way polished finger nails look, but with my job a manicure lasts about an hour upon entering the office.  If I can keep hangnails down to a minimum, then it's all good.

6. I bought art supplies last year that I have yet to use. 

7.  I have pierced ears, two holes on each side.

8.  The first car I bought with my own money was a used avocado green 1970-something Datsun 510, 4 door sedan.  I think I paid something like $800.00  for it in 1980.

9.  I lived at home with my parents until I got married.  I was 24.

10. When Hubs and I go out to dinner, I usually order something that looks like a "man" meal, and he usually orders something that looks like a low cal "girly" meal.  The servers always assume wrong and serve us each other's orders.

11.  I'm currently hooked on the Sam the Cooking Guy Livecast. It's live, uncensored, uncut, unedited, and they don't always talk about cooking.  F-bombs might fly, food gets spilled, outside noises occur (like house alarms),  and a lot of other unexpected issues such as losing my internet connection, but that's part of the attraction.  The show is "livecasted" from Sam's own kitchen.  You can comment during the show via Facebook, and a lot of times they talk about what people are commenting on.  There is always food being made at some point in the livecast, usually something pretty easy, but impressive. If I miss a show I can always watch the podcast a few days later.

My 11 Random Questions from Cindi:
  1. Who was the last person you randomly ran into at a race or during a long run?  Wendy from track club - While running at Mission Bay Park.  She was running in the opposite direction. By the way, Wendy is running in the Boston Marathon on Monday. :)
  2. What was the last embarrassing thing you did? So many...  Hmmm.  Well, my house is currently embarrassing.  It's not anything I did, but we need a roof and can't get a new one at this second, so Hubs patched it, but it looks very ghetto, especially from the front.  My house also needs paint and new landscaping.  Actually, It needs to be bulldozed down and redone.  I sometimes feel like I'm living at Sanford & Son's junk yard.  Perhaps it's not that extreme, but I never imagined living in a house that needed so much repair, especially being married to an architect. I really LOVE the location,  the property is awesome, and that this was where my grandparents retired. 
  3. Do you wear underwear when you run? Why or why not? Most of the time no, because most running shorts/skirts I wear come with built in boy shorts, and running tights are so thick that there is no point to underwear, unless it's super cold, then it's athletic type of underwear.
  4. Where is the strangest place you've ended up having to pee during a long run, ride, or race? In the bushes at Balboa Park in the canyon adjacent to 6th Avenue with many others before one of the Rock 'n' Roll races.  The porta potty lines were too long and I could NOT wait.
  5. Which color porta potty do you prefer? Blue?  I never thought about it before.
  6. What was the last random object you saw on your last run?  Glitter.
  7. What is your favorite breakfast? I love anything breakfast-y. I love fresh fruit, pancakes, waffles, French toast, eggs and bacon, huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, cereal, Pop Tarts, Cinnabons...  Breakfasts with big carbs rock.
  8. The Voice or American Idol? The Voice.
  9. What was the last TV show you watched? Rick Bayless -Mexico, One plate at a Time, airing on PBS. It was the episode when he went to visit Ensenada's wineries. 
  10. What are you doing tomorrow? Sleeping in.  It's Sunday.
I'm not sure who to tag next, since it looks like just about everyone has been tagged. If you feel the need to do this, go ahead, and just use Cindi's questions, since those are pretty good questions. I'm also being lazy. 

Song from Wednesday, March 14, 2012:
We Found Love - Rihanna, featuring Calvin Harris



Jill said...

Oh dear, same girl tagged me also and I have yet to do this. Maybe in an off season :).

I had bought a Gremlin in 1979 for $450...your car was MUCH nicer than mine!

I loved that you coined workout dyslexia. Maybe you can get some sort of medical compensation for that! If so, let me know cuz I'm sure I have it too.

Happy sleeping in tomorrow. btw, someone found me a Sea World tix. Yay. Now, I just gotta find a way to get to Cali! Ha.

Lisa said...

apparently i have morton's toe, just one one foot though. i learned that from your post!

Meg said...

Fun post! I love the manly/girly mean stuff, I've seen couples next to us like that and I love it! Steve always gives props to the girls/ladies that go big with their meals...truly and honest way to eat!

Too bad about the workout dyslexia...but I have it too! Remember when they used to do those "step workouts?" Totally dangerous for peeps like us!

Black Knight said...

Fun post to know better each other.
I love metal too, mainly the gothic. I have a lot of albums of this kind of music and I do my workouts listening it.

Anne said...

Hey, I have a Morton's neuroma ... wonder if they are related since it's a different toe. Your house has such a unique charm. I can see why you wouldn't want to leave it ... ever.

Miss Rachel said...

I didn't know that toe thing was called Morton's toe. Evidently, that kind of foot was the ideal form in Greek sculpture (according to Wikipedia). The statue of Genius in Connecticut's capitol has toes like that. Alas, I don't have such toes.

Workout dyslexia - ha! Now that I've definitely had. I remember getting all confused in yoga class when I had to change sides on poses.

Anonymous said...

To be honest it does not look like you have a Morton's toe at all. Your first and second toes look about the same size meaning it looks like you have what's called a "Roman's foot". If the second toe was longer than the big toe it would be called a Morton's toe or "Greek foot". If the big toe was longer than the second toe it would be "Egyptian foot".