Friday, September 30, 2011

In Da Club

It's all fun and games until someone gets strep throat.


I had plans to bust out some serious mileage with hills this week, but it didn't happen.  Last Sunday I felt rather ill to my stomach, but I thought it was something completely unrelated to strep throat.  I though it was just bad timing or something I ate.  By Wednesday I had a sore throat that burned.  I had major plans to bust out 12 mile run on Thursday, but that didn't happen. I went  to the doctor instead.  Since my doctor had a full schedule, I was seen by another doctor who I had never seen before.  I was surprised to be seen by Doctor Tall, Dark and Handsome.  Bonus points that he was actually a nice guy.  I wondered what kind of workouts  Doctor TD&H did while he looked at my throat.  He was rather cut.  ANY WAY,  The doc said it's pretty obvious that I have strep, but he took a throat culture for protocol.  I get to take 10 days of antibiotics.  I questioned my training for  my half marathon, and he just said to take it easy.  Just great. I sort of need to get in an 11 or 12 miler before Nike, which is looming in about 2 weeks.  I wasn't planning shoot for any PRs  while in San Francisco, but I did want to run the entire race and not even think about running up some of those hills.    If there is any consolation is that I'm getting this infection over and done with now and I won't have to deal with it while in San Francisco on my big girl's weekend. 

RU had their annual fundraiser for MS.  There was a silent auction and a drawing for prizes.  Hubs won a chemical peel from a dermatologists office, which was given to me It remains to be seen if I'll use that, but at least one of us won something.  Last year they also raised money to get the PTs to ride a mechanical bull.  This year it was the battle of Bryan and Brian.  They had a beauty contest complete with talent segment, sort of a bathing suit part which was actually ballet garb, and a evening gown competition.

Bryan raising money for charity...  

Brian also raising money for charity...

Brian, me, Bryan.  
Is it a guy thing or what, when dressing in drag they HAVE to grab their tatas?  

Song from Tuesday, September 20, 2011:
Bad Sneakers - Steely Dan - Miss Rachel



Jill said...

Oh dear, strep throat is not good, even if you get to be seen by Dr. TD&H! Rest that throat and get better quickly so you can get that 12 in before the race. And then when you get back from SF, you may need to stop in and see Dr. TD&H just to be certain that all the strep is gone...I mean, it's best to be safe, right?!? :) But I do hope that goes away soon. Believe it or not, I have never had strep throat nor have any of my kids. Cray. But don't be so jealous, we have had everything else under the sun!

Well, as for the tatas, all I can say by that picture is that I am not surprised. Men are all the same!!

Lisa said...

strep is no fun. had that last year and i felt sick as a dog for almost a week! bleh!

Black Knight said...

The strep is boring, with the sore throat I become very very weak and I don't succeed in running.
I hope you get well soon.
Did they get money?

deene said...

best wishes for a quick recovery so you can still finish the run as planned. funny pics!

Juls said...

My scratchy, sore throat wouldn't be so worrisome if the folks I've been hanging with were not currently awaiting strep culture results. Boo!

Glenn Jones said...

Hope you're feeling better!