Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bad Sneakers

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On the running agenda I have the Nike Women's Half Marathon in just a few weeks.  I've been getting in some hills, including THE HILL in my neighborhood and the hill over at Torrey Pines State Park.  I'm pretty confident that the hills on the race course won't be an issue, even the one at about the 10k point, but now I just need to get in the miles in addition to the hills, especially when I've already run a bunch of miles.

I'm also going through finding just the right shoes again.  My favs, the Pearl Izumi Cruise, are no longer being made and I've scoured the internet for more in my size, but to no avail.  I'm currently wearing Nike Air Pegasus 28, but even after putting about 50 miles on those, I'm not quite in love with them.  My feet ache in all the wrong places, even when I'm not running. I think they'll be OK for really short runs or for working out. 

I'm beyond the point of returning the Nikes. I went ahead and ordered  Mizunos Wave Prophecy. I originally tried them on the same day I tried the Nikes, in a half size smaller and half size larger than I needed, but the size I needed was not available at the time, and was on back order for several weeks. The weird thing is that the size smaller and size larger fit perfect in the arch, where I need it, it's just the toe box was too small and too big in the other sizes. In retrospect, I should have ordered the Mizunos, but I was hoping the Nikes would suffice, even though they felt good in the store. Shopping doesn't float my boat and I intensely dislike returning anything.

My very first pair of real running shoes were Mizuno Wave Riders, and it was a happy union, until the next version changed, then it was all about the Asics Gel Nimbus... Until those changed, then it was all about the Pearl Izumi Cruise, then that version went away. I'm hoping to have another happy union of feet and shoes.

Another person who I (sort of) know is down with a similar kind of femur fracture to what I had, except that her fracture did not break all the way through.  She is a runner and  triathlete. My PT, Bryan, gave her my number so that I could talk to her about what I went through with my entire ordeal, about I went through physically and emotionally.  She was agonizing over being out of commission from running or from any sport for about a year or more if she opted not to have surgery, or have the surgery and begin physical therapy and be back training with in months.  She had several conversations with her doctors and Bryan.  I ended up chatting with her for about an hour last weekend, and I believe she was scheduled for the surgery today.  I have every confidence that she'll recover well and zoom through PT.  It boggles my mind how this injury appears so uncommon, but it's actually quite common in endurance athletes. Perhaps I have the propensity to over react when someone mentions that they have groin/hip pain, but It comes from a place of concern.  I just don't want ANYONE to go through what I went through. 

School has been back in session and the kiddo is now a second grader. He loves being in second grade.  Of course, I had him pose for the obligatory first day of school picture:

Just for kicks, I had do dig up his first day of preschool photo from 2007:

Song from Saturday, September 17, 2011:
My Girl - The Temptations



iJuls said...

Aww. He's adorable in both shots.

Black Knight said...

Nice pics of the first day at school.
I think we have many things in common, the Nike Air Pegasus don't fit for me. At the moment I run alternating Asics Gel Cumulus and Mizuno Wave Nexus.
....and the broken femure, I am sure that your friend will recover. However I have lost 30/4o"/km after the incident but I am on the road again.

Lisa said...

i wish they would just stop changing up shoes! I hate it when i find something i like, then they change it just enough that i don't like it anymore. why can't they leave well enough alone?!

Anne said...

Is there really a song called Bad Sneakers?!

I have the same reaction when someone complains about a similar pain. And I still keep my crutches closeby...just in case. Once you have that kind of experience, you never trust your body the same way.

Joyce said...

So much has been happening with everyone this past summer, so I'm just beginning to catch up on my blogs, LOL. The kiddo looks so cute in both pictures. But he's certainly growing.

I also have to get new running shoes soon. I got Mizunos at Gary Gribble's a few months ago... But I like to alternate btw. 2 pairs (one for muddy trails, the other for roads). However, I'm also too lazy to shop for anything, let alone shoes!

Miss Rachel said...

The song is one of my faves by Steely Dan. "Bad sneakers and the pina colada my friend..."

Those are some majorly bad-ass looking sneakers you've got there. Even if the Nikes don't work for running, they still can be worn for looking cool.

Great idea taking a picture every year on the same day. He's really grown up!

Miz said...


(OK I was shouting :))

Glenn Jones said...

They grow up so quickly don't they....

Deene said...

aaw, so adorable!
I used to like the Mizuno Waves too until they changed. It was my first long distance shoes.