Sunday, February 13, 2011

Come On Eileen

What do you do with your race numbers? I kept mine in a three ringed binder inside plastic sleeves along with my finish times, notes, cards, certificates and other momentos, in chronological order* until about a week ago. I went to put my race numbers from the Carlsbad half marathon and from the Super Run 10K inside the binder, only to find that part of the binder sustained water damage from the rains we had in December.

I guess it's to be expected that a 1947 house would be a little leaky, but we did not have massive rains since moving into this house to test it out.  Luckily the leaks were minimal, but my three ringed binder absorbed and kept some of that moisutre. I had to take everything out to dry completely. Most everything was salvageable, but some things were not.

A few certificates and photos were damaged, and now lamination is looking like a pretty good idea.

 Pre run sunrise photo from Hospitality Point.

Being well feels pretty damn good.  Sure, that's a no brainer, feeling good FEELS good.  I had a relaxing, mind clearing 8 mile run with the track club on Saturday.  I ran with the B group and was able to keep up.  This is what I ran:

I wasn't running to try and keep up with the group, but I ran based on how I felt. I even ran around Fiesta Island and didn't once complain about it.  One of my friends commented if I had my Wheaties. Heh. Not being injured and/or sick is a major factor in running well. Duh.

Photo op at the electrolyte cooler, wearing my Sue Krenn race t, with a fellow track club member who I don't know.  By the way, It was a GORGEOUS day to be out running. 

Finally, there is proof that the couple of years I've spent at Rehab United is working:

 Before :  I lean
January  2009 - Leaning when I run.  Sometimes it was worse than this picture shows.

After - Irene, not I lean (sorry, I couldn't help it.)
February 2011 - No tilting when I run, no leaning.  No wonder running feels so much better now.

Last Sunday's Song (February 6, 2011):
There You Go - Heart


*The type A personality in me.


Chris K said...

I didn't know that Led Zeppelin did that song :-) I don't keep any of my racing bibs. What a day today, eh? I need to meet you guys one of these days at a local 5K/10K. I asked Alice to email me if she knows of website that lists them. I have no idea. If you know, can you email me? Please. My email is on my Blog. thanks Irene.

Pink Granite said...

Congratulations on feeling GOOD!!!
Long may it continue...
- Lee

Jill said...

YAY for no lean, that's a big cause for a celebration!!! :) I have a horrible lean to the right when I get really tired but I've been working on it. Or was when I was running far.

I so hope your feel good streak continues for like eternity!!! And so sorry about your race bibs, they look like they can be salvaged. Hopefully.

Nitmos said...

I have all of my bibs stuffed randomly in a drawer. I'll pull them out and do something with them someday. Probably when the congealed, moldy sweat starts smelling.

Black Knight said...

Glad that you feel good. However leaning or not you are always "on the road", brava!
I don't collect my bibs but ... I have lost all the shields, all the cups and many medals when I changed house.

Anne said...

What, nobody's said Dexy's Midnight Runners yet?!

I "lost" my master's diploma in the recent rains ... was stored at the bottom of a waterlogged box. Somehow, I think I would have been way more upset if it were my running bibs! And yea to Irene the No Lean.

Meg said...

I love it when that hard work pays off, I'm so happy for you. Those before and after pictures are amazing, you MUST be feeling better!!