Thursday, July 08, 2010

Running In Circles

I'm kind of wondering... what happened to Summer? I know other parts of the country are experiencing typical Summer weather, but we're not. Cool, blustery, drizzly, more humid than normal weather is what we have right now. It's actually perfect running weather if you plan on an easy run, but for everything else it's kind of a damper, pun intended.

My new workout schedule is going OK. The only problem I'm having is pool time. The pool I want to go to isn't opened when I have the time available, and now that it's summer the swim lesson sessions occupy most of the pool. The gym pool is available and usually crowd free, but every time I swim there I come away with irritated, red eyes, and I wear goggles. It takes a days to recoup from that! Ick! I'll have to start looking around for another near by pool that does not require membership.

I trekked out to the gym for intervals per my new schedule.  I thought it might be easier to keep track of the intervals on the treadmill instead of taking it to the streets.   One minute warm up, then I did 4 sets of intervals x 6 minutes moderate pace and  3 minutes faster pace. Lows at about 5.2, highs at about 6.5 and 7. It was just OK. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm taking it slow. I cooled down off the treadmill and walked around the gym track for 5 minutes. Stretched afterward. 
3.46 miles
37:00 minutes
10:41 pace

I'm still working on nutrition. Something is off kilter, but I can't figure out what it is, yet. In the past I could pin-point exactly what was throwing me off and make adjustments, but this time I can't. I'm attempting to eat as clean as possible, using less processed foods, eating out less, no fast foods, no junk foods, keeping on top of my water intake, and so on. I've been tracking everything on Daily Burn just to make sure I'm on top of the macro-nutrients. I'll probably track my nutrition for a month. I find tracking nutrition to be tedious, but it's helpful when trying to pin-point what my weaknesses are.

Robin over at Running Circles Around Turtles featured me on her blog yesterday.  (Check it out!) I was honored that she she featured me and what I had to say. Most of her interviewees give concise, short answers. Ummmmm... I was a bit wordy by comparison, but there's a lot of explaining to do. I was pretty excited to see the interview on her blog and how she took the time to enlarge and bold certain words and phrases. Pretty cool, Robin. Thanks!

 At the 4th of July run, I saw a friend from the track club who I had not seen in a few months.  She actually remembered my sea green and white Pearl Izumis, and asked why I wasn't wearing them.   They have been retired to gardening duty, and this is what they now look like:

They're so beat up, but still one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

Yesterday's Song:
Morning View - Greg Howe



Robin said...

Not a shabby pace, coming off the injured/reserved list, friend. :-) Interesting about the nutrition... you don't mention specifics. Just that something's off.. be curious to see what you figure out. I'd like to check out Daily Burn, too. (t/y for mentioning... always looking for new resources)

You are most welcome for the feature, and I REALLY enjoyed reading your answers as I was putting it all together. Hope I put the emphasis in the right places w/ the LG words and bolds. Yes, definitely more detail than most, but I feel like I know so much more about you as a runner now. And the Turtle Tribe readers loved it, too. Nice comments. :-)

Happy June birthday! 51?! You inspire me!

HUGS from Orlando! P.S. Send us some of your cooler weather... PLEASE! I miss living in Southern CA!

misszippy said...

Well, usually I am jealous of SoCal weather, so for once I can feel happy that I have the better weather right now! Sorry about that.

Very cool piece on Robin's blog too!

Anne said...

You are doing great...and I loved your interview. You've definitely been through a lot...and yet you're still going strong! Very inspiring :)

Anne said...

Great answers to the interview. The Costco story really seemed to resonate with folks. It is pretty amazing to have not one but two big comebacks, and so close together.

Aka Alice said... are getting around!

I was just noticing that I probably need some new kicks...mine must be getting close to 500 miles on 'em.

Glenn Jones said...

Is it El Nino that's causing our westher woes? My son the surfer also says that there have been a lot of winds blowing from the south in the early mornings ruining some good surf days.

Black Knight said...

What a wonderful interview, congrats. Indeed I visited California in summer and I can say that I miss your Country.

Black Knight said...
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SDrunner said...

I've been looking for a pool to swim in (one at my apts is too short). There are a few nearby that charge a small fee, better than nothing I suppose. However, we do live along miles and miles of ocean!

Great interview, congratulations!!

Meg said...

What a great interview! I loved the part about not having any mileage goals and just running injury free. I really am grateful everyday for EACH day I can run. I take the mileage stuff one day at a time.
I laughed out loud at the comment about your husband snoring. My dad snored so loud that he shakes the bed and everyone in our family is accustomed to snoring so when my husband snores it doesn't bother me...I'm so glad!!

Jill said...

Hey girl, I'm so behind on blogs being in the mts for a few days but I am back and was so glad to see your nice run, you're getting stronger ... one day at at time :).

I'm frustrated with my weight and can't quite pin-point the exact problem either. Usually when I marathon train I drop weight so easily but I just can't get there. I guess we just need to keep doing what we're suppose to be doing and hope that eventually it will pay off, huh??!!

There must be some wicked chemicals in that pool that leaves your eyes so red...wonder what it's doing to your skin??!! Eeks! Stay away from that place so I don't worry about you!!

And thank you so much for your very generous words on both mine and RLAM's're so sweet, I was very touched! :)