Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th of July

"Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July
  Hey baby, baby take a walk outside"

How about a run outside instead?  

The Annual Coronado Independence Day 5k/15K 2010 is one for the books.  I woke up with a bit of a bloated and grumble-y stomach, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't run, but aesthetically it wasn't pretty being bloated.  The Hubs and I ran in the 5k. My plan was to run conservatively at a moderate pace and not to race for PRs.  I don't want to risk re-injury.  The weather was overcast, a little cool, but humid.  Before the race we saw Cathie, Wendy and Michelle, and several others from the track club.  I kept an eye out for Lisa, who said she would wear her red Jamba Juice T shirt, but since it was the 4th of July there were SEVERAL people wearing red t shirts.  Ah well.  Everything went off without a hitch.  There was a bit of a bottle neck at the beginning of the race for about the first mile in a few spots, which slowed me down - and maybe that was a good thing since it kept me from going out too fast, but after that it was easy to get around and pass people.  I was thrilled that the event coordinators finally decided to use D tag timing, which worked to my advantage.  I'm a good 3:40 minutes plus from smashing my original PR, but that's OK. I'm in no big rush to PR my 5k time any time soon.  Bonus points that they finally gave us tech t-shirts instead of cotton ones!

My final results:
Overall: 334 out of 962
Women: 141 out of 581
F 50-54: 7 out of 53
Age/Grade: 58.34% Place: 167
Finish: 29:23 Pace: 9:28
Tag Time: 29:23
Gun Time: 29:44

Hubs final results:
Overall: 441 out of 962
Men: 233 out of 381
M 50-54: 15 out of 32
Age/Grade: 47.90% Place: 449
Finish: 31:18 Pace: 10:05 PR
Tag Time: 31:18
Gun Time: 31:40

A few pre race pics:

Me and Hubs

 Wendy, Me, Cathie

Michelle (back from injury), Me, Cathie

Wednesday's Song:
Eggplant - Train



Meg said...

Great job, Irene! I love these 4th of July races, so fun!

Lisa said...

congrats. and a technical t race shirt is a great bonus!

Anne said...

Yeah for Irene and her fully cooperative foot!! I'm glad you had a decent run. We had a hectic start in Scripps Ranch too, but I don't think it was as humid. Great to see you and Michael yesterday too!

Jill said...

Yay, so happy your foot behaved...this is the start of good things for you, it's your time to shine now!!! Love them pics, soooo cute :).

Glenn Jones said...

That is a *great* tech shirt. An a chip time 5K too? Wow. Great job Irene. You'll be blowing my pants off come Shelter Island - I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Great job Irene!!! That blue color looks great on you!!! Congrats to hubby on his PR!!!

Pink Granite said...

That's such good news!
- Lee

Black Knight said...

At last tech t-shirts! In Italy cotton again, only in few races we get t-shirts but with impossible sizes (S or XXL)! The PR is not important now, but the final result is excellent: 7 of 53!

Deene said...

good work!

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Way to go Irene!

Miz said...

One of my goals is to run lots of 5k and smaller races and see if I can discover my loveoftherun as I have the loveoftheweights.

Heres hoping :)

Id love to 'celebrate' holidays with a family run.

You rock and inspire.